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This is the official fansite of Lewis Collins, the British actor, bassist, charity fund-raiser, director, drama teacher, drummer, film-maker, flautist, guitarist, hairdresser, judo-ka, marksman, motorcyclist, paratrooper, pianist, pilot, poet, scriptwriter, shodan jujitsu-ka, singer, skydiver, songwriter, voice artist...and a few other things.

Lewis started off in 1959 as a drummer, at the age of thirteen. He had several career changes from then, however most of his work has been overshadowed by his most famous acting rôle. But he did so much more than most people realise, and this site aims to celebrate all his other work, before, during and after the show that made him a household name.

It is a work-in-progress - we started off as a skeleton with just the bare bones, but we're fleshing it out with regular updates until it is a big, fat, comprehensive guide to the fifty-year career of one of Britain's most respected and beloved actors.

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...News and Updates...

Latest News: 14th December, 2018
Last site update: 1st July, 2019

27th May, 2019
In celebration of Lew's 73rd birthday we have added our usual page of fan greetings. If you'd like to add yours to the page, please email us or use the form on the Remembering Lew page.

There is still no news of the autobiography, but as always will make an announcement as soon as we get word from Susan James, Lew's agent.

14th December, 2018
The Official Lewis Collins Fansite calendar for 2019 is now available! Visit the Downloads page to get your PDF copy.

1st December, 2018
It must be December - the Advent Calendar is back! How quickly can you guess this year's theme?

27th November, 2018
Today we mark the fifth anniversary of Lew's passing with new additions to our YouTube Channel and a tribute page of fan messages.

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