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Codename: Wildgeese

"In Code Name Wild Geese Lewis plays Robin Wesley, head of a mercenary group who are employed to destroy opium factories in the Golden Triangle in order to cut off the supply of opium to the West. Wesley has a personal reason for his work, after his son died after being addicted to heroin. I love the stunt in the tunnel where Wesley has to drive his Transam up the tunnel wall in order to lose the man following him, but if I had to remove one thing from this film it would be Klaus Kinski and his awful attempt at an English accent. On the other hand, Lee Van Cleef is brilliant as China, the helicopter pilot who spends the whole time telling them that all he does is 'spray rice paddies', while in reality he does his best to save all their lives. During the course of the adventure they find a female Canadian journalist who has been held for ransom. They rescue her, of course, and I really like her interaction with Wesley and China. Wesley, looking amazing in his camouflage gear and red beret (a look which definitely suits him), goes on to get his revenge on the man responsible for his son's death, while acknowledging that the drug problem will never really go away." - Reviewed by Shirl (ILWB)