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Commando Leopard

"Commando Leopard is my favourite of Lewis Collins' three films made with Director Antonio Margheriti. Lewis plays Carrasco, the leader of a group of rebels fighting against an evil regime. The special effects are quite spectacular for the time, with exploding dams, bridges, trains and even planes. Carrasco's team look up to him with an almost God-like trust and devotion, and he repays them by putting an end to the civil war and by destroying the evil Government. Lew's scenes with Manfred Lehmann are my favourite, especially when Carrasco joins Father Julio into the priesthood in order that they can blow up an oil refinery. Lew did some amazing stunts in this film including an incredible underwater scuba diving scene where he fixed explosives to a bridge. This film is very moving and sad at times, but there is always a feeling that the good guys will eventually win through." - Reviewed by Shirl (ILWB)