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Frequently-Asked Questions...

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Based on the questions and comments we have received, and the information fans are currently searching the internet for. They are listed in no particular order.

Q. When and where did Lewis's funeral take place?
A. In accordance with Lewis's wishes, this information was not and will not be made public.

Q. When was he last on T.V.?
A. His last T.V. rôle was in The Bill in 2002.

Q. His last film?
The Commander, in 1987.

Q. Stage?
A. Lewis last appeared on stage in Dangerous Corner, which toured until 2000.

Q. When was his last interview?
A. He had not given an interview since 2002. He chose not to do any interviews unless they were work related.

Q. Is there a recent photo of him?
A. A paparazzi photo of Lewis appeared in a British tabloid newspaper in March 2011. Prior to that, a photograph of Lewis with his family appeared in a magazine in 2002. The last known headshot of him was taken in 1997.

Q. Did Lewis and his Professionals co-star Martin Shaw get on?
A. Both actors stated in the past that they did not get on initially, but this soon settled into a good working relationship.

Q. How tall was he?
A. Lewis's height was 5' 11".

Q. Was he gay?
A. No, Lewis left a widow and three sons.