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Brief Encounter

Fans share their experience of meeting Lew...


18th - 20th March, 1981

Lewis with fans
© Di

"Working in Four Winds International, filmed in the above episode, we were all lucky to have Lewis Collins visit the office between takes. He kindly spent almost an hour making the staff's day by having his photo taken with everyone. I have often thought about him and so pleased to see he has built a family that he richly deserves. I am saddened to notice over the years, his career has not produced more for him. Even though Martin Shaw went on to various tv series, I felt Lewis Collins had great potential. (God I sound like a teacher giving an end of term report, sorry!). Attached are a couple of my memories of him." - Di

Lewis with fans
© Di

Early 1966

The Mojos at Orpington c. 1966. Lewis is on the far left

Lyn's photo of The Mojos
© Lyn



"Hello, didn’t hear the very sad news about Lew passing on until last week and started thinking about the time I knew him, and his Dad Bill, around 1965/66. These 2 photos were taken at a fete where the Mojos were performing, I think this was the first time I’d met them but although Lew left not long after that, remained friends with Bill until 1968 when I came to Australia to live.



Lyn's pic of Lew in a distbin
© Lyn

"The photo of Lew in the bin was typically him and it was Bill who wrote on the photo when I showed it to them later. Lew was a lovely person, happy and cheeky and got up to all sorts of practical jokes and stunts at the house in Golders Green. Great memories of those days, hanging out at the house, the parties, the gigs, all the good times and great bands my girlfriend and I met there.




"Another memory just surfaced! I remember when my children were young so it must have been in the 1980s. My Mum rang up one morning telling me to turn the television on because Lew was being interviewed – he was in a play in Perth, Western Australia – I was so sad that it was too far away from New South Wales to be able to go and visit. So, very belated condolences to his family, he was well liked and I’m proud to have known him." - Lyn, Gold Coast, Australia


c. 1984

"Hiya I have just came across This page. I have followed lewis collins since I was 11yrs old (im now 49). I belonged to his friendship circle visited his house when he lived in Golders Green and later when he moved to Buckinghamshire. I have been very lucky to meet him many times. One that is the most unforgettable times was when I was about 18 his dad bill rang my house to speak to me but I was out my mum took the message and I was asked to ring back at 7.30pm the next night (Lew was in panto at time). The following evening I was so nervous I rang his dressing room he answered and he asked if I was coming down to see the panto told him couldnt get seats and hadnt booked a place to stay, next thing we were booked to go and Lew offered to put my friend Jo and I up in the apartment he was renting during the panto season I was apprehensive at first but he was the perfect gentleman (he was like a big brother). He woke us up for breakfast then my friend and I were in the car with him back to panto for the matinee performance. He had some friends turn up Nigel Pavario (Terry Duckworth) and Aiden J Harvey. Well you can imagine we didn't want the weekend to end. Afterwards he asked my friend and myself if we could go shopping to get him a black top as he had a meeting later that eve, we were walking round the shops in Sale, Cheshire on cloud 9 we started to panic as couldn't find this certain top but finally did (wanted to shout out do you know who we are buying for). This was one of the most amazing weekends, there is so much I could write about Lew I could go on forever but all I can say is he was the most loveliest caring, polite person nothing like he was portrayed at times in the Media. I ended up going nearly every year once or more to pantos, appearances shows lew was in, my mum even came a few times. Lol so got to know him well.

"Last time I ended up meeting Lew was in 1999 when he was in theatre in Eastbourne East Sussex not far from where i live, I didnt want to queue for an autograph as I was 7 months pregnant and felt silly like I was too old to be doing this but my mum was saying go on for old times sake. When I got to Lew he asked my name but before I could reply he just starred at me (I was thinking omg what) then he said "I know you dont I, you remind me of someone..... I didnt want to bore him so just said ive followed you for years then he remembered the weekend Jo and I stayed). I am so glad my mum made me queue for that autograph (even though I didnt need it I have hundreds) as this Was the last time I saw him, he hadn't changed he still had that cheeky smile/smirk he had when in the Professionals" - Maria Turrell

1966, The Robb Storme Group, Bath

Robb Storme Group
© Wendy Long

"The photos were taken at my home in Bath. The band had a contract to play live in The Regency Ballroom at Bath every Tuesday night between 1964 and 1966 and came back to my house after their shows where my Mum always insisted on feeding them before they drove back to London! Lew was a late addition to the band in 1966 replacing the original bass player Gary. Lew was always very funny and the butt of many jokes as he was the youngest (the others being in their mid to late 20s) - he took it well I always thought! I remember the band as being a happy, mad lot - always taking the mick and great fun to be around, really lovely guys." - Wendy Long

1980, Charity Event

Lew with John Horrill
© John Horrill

We were on a charity event in around 1980 together with John Conteh, the boxer, and staying at the same hotel. After a few drinks, we were in the hotel foyer and someone thought it would be a good idea if we staged a 'mock punch-up' which resulted in the photo. I think it was taken by the hotel manager. He gave me a copy the following day.... there were several other shots which included John Conteh, but this is the only one I kept. I don't remember the manager's name or, in fact, the name of the hotel..duh! Lewis is a great guy and has done a lot more for charity than given credit for. - John Horrill

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