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Brief Encounter

Fans share their experience of meeting Lew...



I came across this site by accident as the Mrs was asking me to look up something connected to Gordon Jackson and I thought this might be a good time to share! Anyway I was a young lad in the RAF stationed at RAF Brize Norton in 1984. I was on guard duty for a week and Lewis was there on a parachute training course. I was on guard most mornings and he would come through the gate around 8-ish on his way to No1 PTS as it was in them days. Anyway on the last day of duty he asked what time I finished. I said 6-ish and he said I'll meet you at the spotlight club on the camp for then. I turned up to be surprised with a crate full of beer from Lewis what a gent - Anon.


Hi my name is Geraldine I met Lew and his father Bill years ago when they lived in Swiss Cottage Golders Green . Would love to get in touch with him again , see what he is up to - Geraldine

My friend and I met Lewis and Martin in Brighton years ago, we were so pleased and lived on it for months. They were a lovely couple just as we imagined them, saucy but nice. - Sally-Anne and Lucy xxx

Lew with Grant
© Grant O'Hara


"Lewis used to frequent the club where I worked at as DJ. I held my 21st birthday party at the club and Lewis was there, and because it was a private party and he hadn't been invited I said he could stay if he had his photo taken with me and bought me a beer." - Grant O'Hara


"Back in 1994 Lew was doing a tour of Who Killed Agatha Christie with Patrick Mower. The show was due to come to Aberdeen and I had noticed this in the local paper. With my Aunt struggling with ideas to get presents for both me and my brother's upcoming birthday I suggested the show. Me, my brother David, cousin Craig who suffers from Downs Syndrome and friend Craig were now all in possession of tickets.

Lew with Steve
© Steve Jamieson

"My aunty toyed with us that she was going to phone Lew to see if he would meet us before or after the show. I never for one minute thought she would phone but she actually did! Lew actually spoke to her on the phone and after convincing him that all four of us were massive fans he agreed to meet us after the show. His actual words were "I'd be delighted". This was all done at her work and the ladies in the office were green with envy.

"We had strict instructions to go to the stage door entrance after the show and ask for Mr Collins. Anyway the night finally arrived the show was excellent. A few lines were forgotten and there were a few laughs. It was really enjoyable. The best bit was yet to come.....

"After the show we hurriedly ran round the side of the building. I knocked on the door and told the stagehand that we had a meeting with Lew. He then shut the door before checking to see if this were true. About 5 minutes later he came and let us in, told us to wait and Mr Collins would be down any minute.

"True to his word Lewis came down the stairs asking for my cousin Craig, who was so excited and proceeded to take his bus pass out and pretend it was a CI5 agents card. "Agent Scott CI5". Lew loved this and laughed. We all introduced ourselves and then spent what felt like the next 30-45 mins chatting about The Professionals and Who Dares Wins (our favourites) and even in 1994 Lew mentioned he had been asked to return in a new series of the Pros. He asked us if we enjoyed the show. He really was fantastic with us, I can't say enough. We got photos taken and he signed a video and book for me. When we were leaving there was actually a squad of people outside waiting for him. He must have then spent time chatting to them.

I really had met my hero from my childhood and he did not disappoint me one bit - a wonderful man who took the time after a gruelling live performance to chat to 4 die hard fans." - Steve Jamieson

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