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Who Dares Wins

"I can vividly remember how I felt after seeing WDW for the first time. I was intrigued (and impressed) knowing the 'anonymous Military Advisors' were no doubt 'the real deal', and because of this, the movie would be 'as near to realistic' as our elite SAS would publicly allow. This alone could have been the one and only reason why I bought the movie, adding it to our own collection of 'unforgettable' films. But it wasn't. I bought it because of Lew Collins. For me, Lew's portrayal as Capt. Peter Skellern showed hitherto unknown depths to his versatility as an actor. Gone was the boisterous, volatile but loveable cheeky-chappie we knew and loved from The Professionals. Instead, was the credible performance of an actor who immediately captured, and kept the audience mesmerised from his very first scene, stealing each and every one he was in with ease. When I think of who else could have played that part as well? With so much style and panache? For me no one else but Lew. WDW HAS stood the test of time. Its content matter deeply etched into our nations psyche. It was our first visual testament, in celluloid form, to our illustrious SAS. Their covert operations, their training styles, the calibre of the men who we can (and do) rely on in times of fear and threat to our nations safety. Indeed, a subject for which the actor chosen to represent them, would need to feel a strong affinity to. Lew was the perfect choice. We often play WDW in tribute to the men we are proud to call this country's SAS, but also in recognition and tribute to Lew Collins, who played his part AND did them proud." - Reviewed by Gail Roots, Bristol, England."

"In Who Dares Wins Lewis plays Captain Peter Skellen of the SAS Regiment. This film is full of action and intrigue, as Skellen works his way undercover into a terrorist group. The scenes at the start of the film, set in the mountains of Wales, are simply breathtaking, and Skellen is vicious and scary to watch. As a Londoner I also love the footage filmed in our very wintery Capital. The only part of the film that goes on Fast Forward in my house is the 'ballet' bit in the nightclub, which is one of the cringiest scenes I've ever not watched. The climax of the film is a tribute to the famous Iranian Embassy siege and is technically accurate as well as being dramatically exciting. It's so accurate you almost feel guilty watching, as you gain what you assume should be secret, inside information on how the SAS work. Lew's portrayal of Skellen is spot on; every bit the cool, calm and collected soldier, someone you can rely upon to do his job perfectly and without question. The fact that he looks amazing in black leather is of course nothing to do with why I like this film so much....." - Reviewed by Shirl (ILWB)