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1066 - the Movie

On 12th April 2010 Lewis became attached to the film 1066, in the r>here to go direct to the latest news).

The Project

Official 1066 the UK Movie Poster
Official 1066 the Movie Poster
Artwork by Chris Collingwood
Reproduced by permission

1066 is a joint production between Tiger Films and Reverie Productions, with a script by director Robin Jacob and author Helen Hollick. News of the film has been around for quite a while, due to the different approach being taken by the production team: "Movies take years to get to the filming stage, which is when the public usually hears about them," says Helen Hollick. "We decided to go public right from the start because we thought most people would enjoy following the process from start to finish."

With a budget in excess of £50,000,000, the producers have taken an innovative approach to funding too, by creating '1066 The Film plc' a public limited company. This breaks the usual film financing rules by giving members of the public the opportunity to buy shares in this great British epic - considered by many as the biggest independent film project ever undertaken in the United Kingdom. This method of financing will help to ensure that the integrity of the production is not compromised - the team are determined that the film will be as historically accurate as possible, and that CGI will be used sparingly.

Having attracted some top names to the project, including Producer Ted Kotcheff, Director of Photography Douglas Milsome and Fight Director Antony De Longis, the focus is currently on casting. Lewis will already be renewing acquaintance with a couple of old friends in the form of Susan George (Jack the Ripper, Cluedo) and Stunt Director Rocky Taylor (Confessions of a Driving Instructor, Stuntman Challenge), who are also attached to the project. With over eighty speaking parts, casting is hugely important. Helen Hollick: "We're casting those actors who are enthusiastic about the movie and will give us support for the project. Our whole ethos is belief in this movie - we are knitting together a team and between us we will end up with one heck of a great movie!"

The Film

Helen Hollick's "Harold the King" book cover
by permission

Want to know what it's about? Read this! Currently available in the UK and the U.S.A., Helen Hollick's Harold the King tells the story.

You can also read Helen's article "Let's Hear it For Harold" by clicking here.

The Character

Writer Helen Hollick has added an article about Earl Godwin to her blog. Click here to find out all about the character Lewis will be playing.

Further Information

Visit Harold Godwinson's page on Facebook.

Keep checking 1066 the Movie's IMDb listing at for cast updates.

Interested in investing? You can view a copy of the Prospectus at

Grateful thanks to Rachel Malone, Helen Hollick and Robin Jacob for the above information, and for use of images.


27th May, 2012
It's been a big news week for 1066, as the De Lane Lea studios will be working on post-production sound, and Piero Risani joins the crew as Costume Designer. On the casting front, legendary actress Olivia Hussey is now attached to the movie in the r>

3rd April, 2012
Davide de Stefano has joined the 1066 team as the Production Designer. Find out more about Davide's previous projects at his website,

29th February, 2012
John Altman, who made his name as Nick Cotton in Eastenders, has joined the cast of 1066. He is set to take on the r>1066. He is a great actor who will bring his wealth of experience to the set", says director Robin Jacob.

3rd February, 2012
Serdar Simga has joined 1066 as a senior effects supervisor. Serdar has worked on a number of high-profile projects in recent years including Conan the Barbarian, X Men - The Last Stand, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The King's Speech.

1st April, 2011
A snippet of information about the movie from Helen Hollick: The film isn't just about the battle, it's the events leading up to it, and will start from at least 1042, possibly earlier. Lewis will therefore feature quite prominently in the first half, as Earl Godwin is a major r>

14th February, 2011
Here is a preview of version one of the Development trailer for 1066, using basic C.G.I.  Version 2, with even more detail added, will be uploaded soon to 1066TheFilm's YouTube Channel.

6th January, 2011
An adaptation of the Bronwen Harrison's soundtrack for the film can be heard in the trailer for Helen Hollick's book, Harold the King, which is published in the U.S.A. on 1st March.

28th November, 2010
While high-profile activities such as casting continue, the background work is also progressing. The Company have now appointed Paul Arora as Chief Financial Officer, and Barnes Roffe Chartered Accountants. They have also signed up with legal firm Hogan Lovells, whose previous clients include the U.S. Government.

28th October, 2010
Actress Kate Maberly has joined the cast of 1066, in the r>

13th September, 2010
Writer and producer Robin Jacob has uploaded more interviews to a new, dedicated YouTube channel, 1066thefilm. Click here to view.

31st July, 2010
Producer Robin Jacob is interviewed about 1066. Watch here and now, or visit Robin's YouTube channel to see more interviews about the movie.

Reproduced with Robin's kind permission.

6th July, 2010
The project has now received the backing of English Heritage. Dr. Simon Thurley, their Chief Executive, offered the production team access to its extraordinarily comprehensive battlefield research archives, in order to help ensure that this historic event is recreated with absolute authenticity.

1st June, 2010
Following the trip to Cannes, several high-profile actors have read the script and the r>1066 competition, coming very soon!

16th May, 2010
Producers Robin Jacob and Lance Prebble are currently at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the film with a view to attracting the necessary funding. Meanwhile the search is on to find the right actor to play William the Conqueror - someone "who can carry off being charismatic but also psychotic!" Just for fun, why not email us your suggestions? Use the "Contact Us" link on the left to let us know who you think would make a good William.