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Happy Birthday Lew!

Birthday collage of Lew's screen appearances

Birthday message: Happy birthday from the other road-manager, David Conlin, AC/DC who photographed the Fairy and the five gonks

64 today! David Conlin, The Mojos'roadie Birthday message: Best birthday wishes, Mr Collins! I hope you're well and happy. Kat Weller Birthday message: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Sigrid and Susan Brenner from Germany Birthday message: HAPPY Birthday, Lew, and here's to many more strong, healthy and wonderful years yet to come! Your fan in West Virginia, Jan Lopreste Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lewis - still as gorgeous today as you were back then. Hope you have a great day celebrating with your family. Hugs from Zoe xxx Birthday message: Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday Lew, we're all so excited about 1066 The Movie, proof that we definately still need you when you're 64! Have a wonderful Birthday. With love, Shirl/ILWB Birthday message: Happy Birthday to our lovely Lewis. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many many more of them. Happy birthday lovely man. Margaret xx Birthday message: Dear Lewis, Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays for this and every year! Take care, with love from Sandra xxx P.S. Its wonderful to think you will be back on our screens soon! Birthday message: Hey Lewis, Just a quick note to Wish you a very happy forthcoming birthday..Always told my school friends that i was going to marry you when i was all grown up lol..Loved you as Bodie, still do on re-runs on Dave..Keep up the good work Lewis, love Yvonne.. (Your Biggest fan) xxx Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lewis! I hope you have a Lovely Day with your Family. Please Come back and see us All sometime soon! Lots of Love from Chris xxxxxx Birthday message: happy birthday to the most beautiful man in the world! we still love you lewis and we always will. lots of love and hugs and kisses and cuddles from rachelle xxxxxxx Birthday message: I Have seen you in the professionals i was a fan of the show you are a good actor i am a fan of yours i am a fan of the 50s and 60s and 70s happy 64th birthday from Miss Dorothy Taylor Oldham Lancs Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lew from Karen-Leigh in Barrie, Ontario. Still watching our for any of your new projects. All the best. Birthday message: Happy Birthday, Lew, from a fellow Californian. Ceil Birthday message: Sitting in a striped deck chair, chasing villains in London, rampaging through the jungle, chasing Jack the Ripper (throwing a shadow on the highly estimated Michael Caine, I must say !),being the best Bond we never had ( come on,don't worry, you can't take anything serious that is said by Broccoli...a guy called after a vegetable :D), returning now to re-enact the Battle of Hastings- you're always a surpise to your fans...and there still are lots and lots of them.... We will still need you, we will still feed you when you're sixty-four !!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lew !! ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG !!!(yes, there is also a German fan base for you :D)Bodiedevotee xx Birthday message: Hi Lew! Having fond memories of Chalfont St. Peter in the 1980s we are wishing you and Val a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well as many, many happy and healthy returns of the day!
Just ignore the often stupid reports in the (yellow) press and keep being the nice guy you always was!  :-) With heartfelt greetings from far away Hannover in Germany Karin & Claudia Birthday message: Happy birthday Lew!! I hope you read this so you see that you are still loved and missed by your fans. Have a wonderful day on the 27th! Best wishes from D. Birthday message: Happy 64th birthday dear Lew Remember your fans are still thinking of you! Cannot wait for 1066, it will be so wonderful to see you again Anna xx Birthday message: Hi Lewis Have an absolutely great and fantastic birthday! All your fans miss you so much, you are definitely Britain's best and most underused shining acting star!  All the very best with everything you do and to you and your family! XXX Much love Shirley! Birthday message: How's it going Lewsy baby! Here's wishing you a fabulous 64th birthday, Love and kisses, Mandy XXXXX Birthday message: Happy Birthday you wonderful man. I wish you good health and good fortune and all the happiness in the world. Maggie xxx Birthday message: Hi Lewis A Very Happy Birthday to enjoying seeing the repeats of The Professionals on itv4, together with my 7 year old son....a new generation of fans....All the best. Jacqui Patey, Bucks. Birthday message: Happy Birthday! You are still the ONLY Professional as far as I'm concerned...Hope you have a great day! Gillian Birthday message: Hi Lew!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Australia! Have a wonderful 64th Birthday!! LisaMS xxx Birthday message: Dear Lewis, Wishing you a VERY HAPPY 64TH BIRTHDAY! May this year bring you further success, which I hope will include the news that '1066 The Movie' gets the go ahead and we will at last be able to look forward to seeing you on screen again :o) Very best wishes, from Celia Jones. Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lew! Enjoy your special day. This is sent with best wishes to you and your family. Jan xx Birthday message: Birthday message: Hope you have a great birthday, Lewis, and that the coming year is a good one for you. Lots of love from Sally xx Birthday message: Happy Birthday Birthday message: Happy birthday Lew, have a wonderful day! Best wishes to you and your family, Marie, Czech Republic Birthday message: Happy Birthday to Lewis Collins: great actor and - I strongly suspect, on the available evidence :D - a bloody nice bloke (not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, and I'm talking recent photos here!). Thank you for the pleasure you have given - and enjoy your day! Birthday message: Hi Lewis :o) Thinking of you on your birthday! Well, to be honest, I'm probably thinking of you on all the other days of the year as well ;o) You are still in the hearts and on the minds of millions of Germans, and I can only hope that you consider that to be a good thing :o) Here's wishing you a fantastic day, all the love in the world, health, happiness, good luck and everything you desire. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEWIS!!! All my love always, Sabine W. xxx Birthday message: Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope you're having fun with people you love and who love you. May your happy birthday herald the start of a great year. Anna Birthday message: Happy Birthday, Mr. Collins.
Here's hoping 1066 is the start of more things.  Even so, you should be proud to have touched so many people over the years, despite not being on
our screens as often as we'd like. Fire up the Capri Love, Rave Birthday message: Dear Mr Collins I also like to send my good wishes for your birthday. Congratulations ! Or as we say in German 'Herzlichen Glückwunsch'. I`m looking forward, like so many others, to see you back on screen soon ! Good luck for all your future plans !!!! Warm regards from Cologne / Germany, Ruth Birthday message: HELLO LEWIS¡¡¡ HAPPY IRTHDAY.I can hardly believe that I´m leaving you my greetings. These days I´ve been thinking what can I wish you for your birthday that you really need. 
I hope from my heart that you already HAVE everything and everyone you love with you, so, I wish that you be happy and satisfied with all the choices you have done in your life and that you can reach every goal you still have in your way. Succes in 1066, waiting to see you again.Have a great day. Loving from a long distance. Alejandra. Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lewis from down under! Best Wishes for a great day and an exciting year to come! cheers Kelly xx Birthday message: Wishing you a fabulous year.
namaste, Elizabeth Birthday message: Hi Lew, wishing you a wonderful and Happy Birthday, and I hope you celebrate in style. I'm a long-time fan of the Professionals and still get much joy from the show, so thank you <3. Best wishes and a huge hug from Lynda xx Birthday message: Happy Birthday, Lew. 
::HUGS:: Peggy (sunray45) Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lew! I hope you have a fabby day, filled with everything you could wish for. Love from LCH xxx Birthday message: Happy Birthday! May you have many, many more! Barbara Birthday message: I want to wish you a happy birthday, Lewis! Best regards, Petri from Finland Birthday message: Happy Happy Birthday Mr Collins and this year you know also what that means? It's time to singalong with family and friends to 'When I'm 64' by the Beatles *yay* and as to the answers to some of the questions asked in the song 'Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine? Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64.' the answers are a resounding YES!!! *bg* Hope you have a fabulous day doing whatever brings you joy and with those you love you. All the best on your day, cheers and a big squishy hug!!! Linda aka earthdogue, earthie, earthster, earthelah or ED (~_~)