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Happy Birthday Lew!

birthday mosaic Birthday message: Have a lovely birthday, Lewis. All your fans around the world will be raising a glass or three to you! Love from Chris x Birthday message: Wishing you peace, happiness and a whole lot of love on your special day. And gifts galore :-) Happy birthday from LCH Birthday message: Dear Lew.  Isend you my very best wishes for your 65th Birthday. You must know how much you are loved, respected and admired by all you fans. Thank you for all you have done and i know I speak for all of us when I say how much we are looking forward to seeing you in 1066.  In the meantime  we can only hope that you can spend some time with us in the U.K  and that we are able to see you on our screens while you are over here. Have a great Birthday and I hope you spend it with your loved ones. Sheila Birthday message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. COLLINS
Take a look out of your cyber window A crowd is gathering fast With Lewis'  Ladies and Bodie' s Babes Reminiscing about the past That' s all we can do since you left us We understand your view But absence makes the heart grow fonder We can testify to you But today we just want to think of you And shout it till you hear We hope you know how much you' re loved That we still hold you dear Let me wish sincerely here With just one chance to say Keep those who are dearest near to you For a very 'Happy Birthday'. Lots of love on your special day, Susan xxx (aka: Orphelin, Dottiesue2, fanofmrc) Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lewis, hope you have a great day celebrating with your family and friends.  Still as gorgeous as ever :-)  Love from Zoe x Birthday message: Dear Lewis, I hope you have a happy birthday.  I`m longing for 1066.   Yuo`ve been of our screens for far too long. Love from Hilda in Devon Birthday message: Hi and good day to you and all your family, Wishing you a very happy birthday later this month and look forward to seeing you on the screen again in the film 1066.  I have been a fan of yours since the pro days and you are sadly missed from our screens. Have a fantastic day. Rick Jones Birthday message: My dearest Lew, Have a very Happy 65th Birthday, enjoy your special day with your family and friends. I will be sailing to Norway, a bit colder me thinks than UK. So that is why this message is a bit early. Looking forward to seeing you on the big screen. Miss your handsome smiley face and your great talent for acting. All your fans miss you very much and this includes me. Oh' and like me you are now entitled to a Pension, dont spend it all at once. Be Happy. Love you lots. Chrissie O xxxxxx Birthday message: Hey Lewsi baby, hope you have a wonderful fantastic day with your loved ones! Take care Mandy x Birthday message: Dear Lew, I'm so pleased to have this opportunity to wish you a wonderful 65th Birthday! I hope you have a great day and that your family spoil you with lots of gifts. All your fans can't wait to see you back on our screens and we are all looking forward to seeing more of you in the future. I wish you health, wealth and happiness, and a truly marvellous Birthday. With all my love, Shirl/ILWB Birthday message: Happy birthday gorgeous Lew I hope you know how many of your fans will be thinking of you! Michelle x Birthday message: WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY LEWIS! MAY THE YEAR AHEAD BRING YOU GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. WITH LOVE FROM CELIA JONES XXX Birthday message: Happy birthday Lewis  I was a great fan of yours when i was 15, met you and shook your hand and swore i would never wash my hand, now 44 im still a very big fan. Would love to see you back on the tele, have a great birthday with your family,best wishes love Elaine xx Birthday message: Hallo Lewis! I wish you a Happy Birthday! Take care and have a nice day. Carmen Birthday message: Happy 65th Birthday Lewis. Enjoy yourself and have a slice of cake for me! cheers Kelly (from the bottom half of the globe) Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lew Have a grest time !! Greets from Germany Pedy (bisto)xx Birthday message: Lewis Collins ~ you have a fantastic birthday now, ya hear? Jodie xx Birthday message: happy birthday lewis love you still watch on the proffesionals.hope you have a great birthday wish i could meet you but i know that will never my dreams only.take always karen.xxxx oh any chance of a sighned photo? Birthday message: hi lew , i was in your fan club years ago i still watch the professionals on itv4 monday-friday ive wanted to meet you in person but so far never have but would be a dream come true if i ever did , hope you have a really good birthday love linda xx Birthday message: Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day with your family and friends. Kat W. Birthday message: Dear Lew! I hope you will stop by and see our messages sometime, because we love you very much. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. My love to you and your family! Cheers, SaraCH Birthday message: Happy birthday Lewis! DD xx

Birthday message: Dear Lewis, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Here's wishing you a lovely day. Lots of love, Sally. Birthday message: Have a wonderful birthday, Lew, with a lot of Fun, Food, Friends and Family all around! And many, many happy returns! We all hope to see you again in movies and shows. Cheers! Birthday message: Dear Lewis, wishing you many happy returns on your special day, and I hope your loved ones treat you like a king! Love from Emma. x Birthday message: Hi, Lew Happy Birthday!  We miss you over here in the UK.  Have a lovely day. Love from Gill xx Birthday message: Hi Lewis, Happy Birthday, hope you have a agreat day i really hope you get to read this and see how you are always thought of. Many more happy years one of your many fans, best wishes always Elaine xxxx Birthday message: Happy Birthday, Lew, Mr. Collins... Sir :) All the very best of good wishes wing their way to you. Hope you have all that you would like, and like all that you have. Birthday Love & Hugs, from me to thee, Sunshine. Layla xxx Birthday message: p.s. Forgot to add: If you fancy a bit of swiss roll, or a slice of Birthday Cake, I could rustle you something up in the Cupcake line, Mr. Collins - if you've still a sweet tooth? Just say the word, and it would be my pleasure to oblige, My Little Sausage:) (a local, colloquial term of friendly endearment, hereabouts; sincerely meant, Sunshine) xxx Birthday message: Happy birthday handsome! Kisses and cuddles from Rachelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Birthday message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEW!!! Wishing you all the love and good fortune in the world, good health, happiness, peace of mind and a truly wonderful day :o) Lots of love from the Black Forest
Sabs xxx Birthday message: Here's wishing the lovely Mr Collins a very happy birthday. Hope it's a great day for you! SF xx Birthday message: Dearest Lewis, I sincerely wish you the happiest of birthdays, and hope that your day is filled with joy and love. Family is a wonderful thing, and I hope yours bring you comfort and happiness on this special day. God bless, Mary M. Birthday message: Happy Birthday to my favourite actor, Have a wonderful special birthday Lewis. Wishing you the best year ever ahead ! love Karin B (Australia) x Birthday message: Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day. This is sent with love to you and your family. Jx Birthday message: Dear Lew, Have a wonderful fantastic 65th birthday! Hope your day goes with a bang! Sandra xx Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lew! I hope you're well and you enjoy live! XXX Regina Birthday message: Happy Birthday you gorgeous man hope its filled with love. Thank you for all the joy you have bought us Lewis fans over the years. Hugs Margaret xxx Birthday message: Happy Birthday Lewis!! Hope you have a wonderful day.