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Birthday Tributes

Today not only marks six months since Lewis's passing, it would also have been his 68th birthday. Fans have left their thoughts on the occasion below.

Click here to read the response from Michelle Collins and family.

Birthday collage for Lewis Collins, 27th May, 2013


Remembering our Lewis on his birthday. Still so sadly missed. Chris xxx

Dear Lewis!..

I still miss you! I have still problems to understand that you are gone forever!.. and I maybe never will..

I had thought that I will meet you some day!.. But sadely No!..

But I still do have the memories of you! and your career! and it is some very good memories indeed!..

I will THANK YOU! because You! have made me who I am today! on many levels!.. Both when I was happy! or sade! you where a big part of my life! and ofcource allways will be!...

I am a BIG! fan of The Professionals! so there for have you given me a lot there!.. more than you can ever imagine!..THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

My Sincerely Condolence to your Family!... From a Great fan of you! since 1982... RIP...

Yours Sincerely Jesper Antvorskov,Denmark

He would have been this or doing that
But I think that he would like
For us to remember him with a smile
And to celebrate his life.

Thinking of Michelle and her boys, especially today.

Susan Haines xx

In memory of the wonderful Lewis Collins, so sadly missed and always remembered. A true one -off human being, beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. From Sue xx

Remembering a true gentleman and hero: Unfortunately you are gone now, Lew, but you are not forgotten!
'Til we meet again ...
Karin & Claudia


On May the 27th Lew would of been 68 and celebrating is birthday with his family but we all know celebrations are for the living and keeping the memories a live are for those no longer with us but Lew's memories will always be with us and now can we forget them. The first time I saw Lew was in a drama in 1974 called Warships made for TV. Then in 1975 Lew appears on our TV screens again like a breathy of fresh air playing Gavin Rumsey with a mop of dark hair and twinkling blue eyes and a smile that lit his face up and a voice to die for and what memories they are and when the series ended Lew's next screen appearance was Bodie in the Professionals this time the hair was short still had the twinkling blue eyes but the smile had a more serious look, Lew's Bodie is played as a tough guy but if you look carefully this was not always true Bodie could be soft funny and very mischievous and he was always eating and we did see a lot of his rear going over walls but I have saved the best till last well those tight trousers what an eye opener I wonder if Lew ever knew? Lew went on from there into films some made here and some abroad but that was only a part of what Lew did he was not just an actor he was all so a great entertainer and so much more. I could write so much more about this very talented man but it would take too long. Lew's memories will stay for in our hearts and remember that we have yet to read his autobiography I will end this tribute to Lewis the actor and remember he was also a person and a very lovable one at that and may be one day one of is boys might follow in his dads foot steps and become an actor

My very best wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron

Love from Pam B (Birmingham UK )

Dearest Lew, I am still missing you lots and especially today, your birthday. But I have so many wonderful pics and videos to remember you by, you left your mark on my life. My heart goes out to Michelle and the boys, this first anniversary will be hard for them. But we are all lucky to have known you in our different ways, you were loved by all of us. You will never be forgotten.
Love Sandra xx

Always in our hearts and thoughts, not just on this special day but everyday of the year.
RIP our lovely Lew x
Janet C.

to lovely lewis,happy birthday xxx

It's only four years and almost four months since I watched "The Professionals" for the first time and got to know Lewis Collins. Here where I live the chances were so slim for this to happen that I consider it somewhere near miracle. It brought so much warm and bright emotions to my life. And keeps bringing. It is hard to think I could not get this chance or miss it. It was such a lucky day when I learned about Lewis Collins.
Olga, Russia


Still miss you Lewis every day...the world just isn't the same without you! So pleased that you had a great life, both professionally and personally. Happy birthday xxx KD

On the 27th of November 2013 God reclaimed an angel and I can honestly say I don't blame him. But Lew will be sorely missed and we can just be thankful that his memory will live on as long as there are people left that love him.

I am sitting in my garden on a lazy sunny sunday morning surrounded by blooming early summer flowers, peonies, philadelphus,azaleas, "granny bonnets" etc. 2 collared doves sit on a nearby wire, they are regular visitors and nest in a large conifer tree. The sky is a clear, beautiful blue with one or two white fluffy clouds floating gently across. This is one of my favourite places and yet I feel sad that Lew is not here with us to enjoy his favourite place - was it perhaps up in the clear blue yonder ? It all seems so unfair that he left us too soon.

BUT - surely Lew would not want anyone to feel sad, especially on his birthday. SO, on the 27th I will raise a toast to Lew and watch one of my favourite Professionals episodes ( as if I don't usually.....)

He was brave and courageous and evidently had a happy life with his loving family. His talent, cheeky grin and sense of humour are still with us thanks to his legacy.

Thank you Michelle (if you read this) for the lovely message from you and your sons.

I look forward to reading Lewis' book when published and am pleased to see Help for Heroes benefitting in Lew's memory. Lewis will never be forgotten, he was loved too much by too many for that to happen. Lia (Hants, England xx

Happy Birthday Lew, still much missed.

Missing You Always

You never said I'm leaving
You never said goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why.

A million times I needed you
A million times I cried
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still,
In my heart I hold a place
That only you can fill.

Love always and forever....
Donna Smith

It is hard to believe it has been 6 months since you passed away, I am still in shock, I read the words but they don't sink in or make sense. The world will never be quite the same without you. Thank you for all the lovely memories, you were and still are a large part of my life and I will never forget you.

Where ever you may be Lewis, I hope you are having a very happy 68th birthday, I will light a candle for you and send a donation to Help for Heroes.

My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. My love and best wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron, find peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.

Always in my heart. jaa xxx

Happy Birthday to one of my fave crushes. I will always enjoy watching you in The Professionals and Jack the Ripper, you were a special talent, yet humble with it which is so rare. Without you, I wouldn't have the friends I do. Best wishes to Michelle and your three boys x

It is still hard to come to terms with Lew's early passing. It seems like yesterday that I read the devastating news. My thoughts are still with his family and will continue to be. He must have been a very kind and talented man who will always be missed by so many people. But it is a comfort that he was not only blessed with talent but as well with a beautiful, intelligent and warm-hearted wife and three sons he loved and was surely proud of. He had an influence on so many lives, often without even knowing it. So on this special day, let's not just mourn his death but celebrate his life as well. Here's to you Lew, a very special man never to be forgotten.
Claudia from Germany

Oh Lewis, I miss not knowing that you're around, somewhere, having fun but take comfort - and pride - in seeing how much you've enriched so very many lives, either personally or through your art. You'll certainly live on in the hearts of those who loved you. Wendy xx

would like to thank Michelle Collins for the lovely message to all Lewis' fans, it must have been heartbreaking for her to write, it was certainly heartbreaking to read and that Lewis and his family have been in my thoughts and prayers every day for the last six months, and will be for a long time to come. Lots of Love Always from Val (an OAP fan, Wilmslow, Cheshire).

Dear Lew, the sadness lingers, but your characters are still very much with us. My muse handbrakes the Capri around the street corners of London like it was yesterday. Best wishes to your lovely family.

t's been a long six months knowing you're not with us any longer but Michelle has been gracious, giving us strength when she probably least felt like it! Lew, you are sorely missed and I only wish we were celebrating your 68th rather than mourning your passing. I really hope you had some idea of how many lives you had touched. Kelly xxx

Dear Lewis
It is with a heavy heart I write this message, but also with a joyful heart because of all the happiness and friendships you brought us. I dearly wish you were still with us, but I wish you a happy birthday. I am extremely grateful for all your wonderful work, which in turn has brought me lifelong friends. Thank you for this, and may you Rest In Peace, always.
Much love, Zoe xx

LEWIS i so wish you could read this HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish, it still doesn't seem real you are no longer with us, i miss you so, HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY, you were and will always be awesome to me from Tracy, portsmouth

Lewis , my thoughts and prayers are with you on what would have been your 68th birthday, sorry but the sadness still hasn't gone away, I doubt it ever will.. Keep on shining bright , and remember you'll never walk alone xxxx Alison.

Dear Lewis. I hope he realised how loved he was, and still is. I remember hearing the news of his death on the Radio and I was so shocked. He alway made me smile with his cheeky grin and he was such a good actor with such an individual style. When we had our Theatre company we were sent his details and I remember looking at his photograph and thinking " gosh he's handsome" wishing we could have worked together on something. Happy Birthday dear Lewis. All love, Karen x

Dear Michelle and family. This will be a very difficult time for you but I hope it helps a bit to know that so many of us are remembering with love that this is Lewis's Birthday. We will ne ver forget him and Be grateful for all the joy and pleasure that he gave us.I send you my love too. Take care. Sheila Garnett XX

A fine gentleman actor father and husband who is sadly missed. May you rest in peace gone but never forgotten.

Happy Birthday, Lewis. I still can`t believe that you are gone. I will always remember you. You left deep footprints on my heart. Bisto/BC/Pedy xx

I love the fact that Lew actually lived his dream and trained for the SAS, was a very proficient shot and even had a go at parachuting! How many of us get to do that? I think he was a lovely human being and a great inspiration to us all. He tried a few different careers and never gave up until he found what he was born to be - our beloved Bodie. He was a devoted family man and an example to us all of a life well lived and well loved. Let's honour his memory and do the same! Kate Brice, Sandgate, Brisbane, Australia.

To the blunt instrument- the Bond, who was clearly ahead of his time.

Lewis first came crashing into our living room in suburban Johannesburg, South Africa during the 1970's, as the rugged actor playing Bodie in The Professionals.

When I turned 18, my grandparents passed on their 1969 Ford Capri 1600GT to me as my first chariot. I remembered pushing up my jumper up over my forearms just like my hero. My brother tried to emulate Doyle. Simple, uncomplicated days for 2 young boys growing up in a prejusticed society.

Then came Who Dares Wins! The flick would later inspire my brother to become a parabat in the South African Army and wear the coveted maroon baret.

Enter Bond. oger Moore starring as the suave secret agent hit home to the then audience of the day, but my dad always felt that they needed someone grittier to portray a cold war spy. We in South Africa held our breath, waiting to see who the producers would cast as 007 when Sir Roger bowed out. We expected Lewis to land the role after For Your Eyes Only. It was not so, as Sir Roger would walk the blood dripped barrel a further 2 times before retiring his licence to kill. We, the Bond community, feel that Cubby missed the mark in not capitalizing on Lewis's strong appeal, and the role should never have gone to Tim Dalton. So too when Pierce passed his prime, and they missed a casting coup of Adrian Paul as Bond. Sigh.

To me, and I am sure many, Lewis will always go down as the Bond that Cubby and Harry missed out on, what they needed, to take the series back to the heart of Fleming's creation.

Here's to you Lewis, and the memories will still live on.

Wayne Haviland Millard
Cape Town
South Africa

Lewis its still a horrible feeling and one that won't ever go away but my thoughts are with you on what would have been your 68th birthday, you are still sadly missed xx ali15on.

This will be the first birthday message that you don't receive. My heart is still heavy and I shall always miss you. On the 27th I will 're-read your letters and go through all the fabulous photographs. Love you always.

Every year I celebrate your birthday, post pics on my Facebook page, maybe make a Professionals fan vid, watch an episode of The Cuckoo Waltz... trust me, nothing will change this year. You will never be forgotten by your fans and we will carry on celebrating your life and birth. Love you always, Lew. Shirl/ILWB

Six months already... My heart goes out to M. Collins family. He seems to have been a wonderful, caring human being, and a beautiful actor who left us with a lot of splendid characters who will feed our imaginations for a long time. As I didn't know the private man, I can only thank him for his work and send my virtual love and compassion to his bereft family. Nicole, in France (67 - it's not only teenagers who admire and love actors!=

Maybe 6 months but will never be forgotten getting my sons into the world of Lewis and his work so his memory will live on. We also send our thoughts and love to his family.

This will be a very difficult time for you all. I hope it supports you a little to know that Lewis's fans are remembering too and as well as being grateful for all the joy he gave us, we are at the same time thinking so much of you, his Dear Ones. He was a lovely man and will never be forgotten. My love to you Michelle and your boys. Sheila X

Dearest Lew, wherever you are now...
I know we will be thinking of you -and your beloved family- on your birthday now for many years to come, and appreciating that all-too-brief time when the same sun shone on us all, and your smile warmed the cockles of many a nation's hearts... You were a rare gem. Thank you, Lew xxx

Le & Family

Hi Lew
Still missing you like crazy. Sad day for Michelle and your boys. Will always love you and I will never get over losing you, still struggling with this. (still crying too.) Nothing seems to make this any easier. Still think about your georgeous blue eyes, your beautiful long eyelashes and your heart-stopping smile, OMG !!! The sound of your voice made my heart stop literally !! Have worn out the Professionals DVDs, been fun noticing stuff that first time around I missed. Noticed only in one episode you were writing a report, you’re right-handed. You also liked swiss roll, noticed that too, missed first time around. So much stuff I’ve learned about you that I just didn’t pick up before. I love everything about you, always have, never going to change.
All my love, now and forever,
Lyn, Western Australia – 27th May 2014

I was very sad back in November to here that Lewis Collins had past away. I grew up watching “The Professionals” and now I’ve got every episode on DVD, great actor and a great show. A lot of people say he would have been an excellent James Bond and I couldn’t agree more. He was a hansom and talented man and whenever I saw him being interviewed he came across as very pleasant and humble. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends on what would have been his 68th Birthday. God Bless You Mr. Collins, rest in peace. From Danny Windridge, East London.


Response from the Collins family

Never forgotten...

The boys and I would like to thank all of you who took the time out of your day to remember our beloved Lew, on what would have been his 68th birthday. Admittedly this past few days have been particularly difficult and I have cried a great deal, but we fight on as Lew would wish it. He was a great man in every sense of the word. Lew was cherished so much and left such an impressionable mark on this world, which is all any of us could wish to do. I feel him everywhere, and miss him more than words can convey. The finality of him being gone is something I do not think I will ever recover from, but I live for what we had, grateful to have found my soul mate and for that love to have created our three amazing boys. They each possess so much of their dad, and we will all raise a glass to Lew today and always.

Thank you for all your continued kindness and well wishes. It certainly helps, and I know Lew would be smiling if he knew how much he is still loved and remembered. Believe it or not but so far no publishers are wanting to publish Lew's autobiography as not enough sensationalism, and so the boys and I are looking into self publishing and honoring Lew"s dream to get his story out there. This we will do.

Lewis may be gone in body, but he will never leave our hearts. Life is sometimes difficult to understand, and Lew certainly fought with everything he had to stay with us, but now he is no longer suffering, and will never be forgotten. Al three boys live on for their dad as do I, and we will treasure every second we shared with this special man who was so much more than any of you can imagine. I love him still.

Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron.