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And the winner is...

Lewis has featured in several polls, contests and lists over the years, as well as achieving success and recognition in various fields.

1948 - Most Beautiful Baby in Liverpool

Most Beautiful Baby in Liverpool

Lewis came first in this competition, and the winning photograph was displayed in a shop window for two-and-a-half years, by which point it was, according to his father Bill, "bugging the Hell out of us!"

1960 - Reddy Cup

Young Lewis being presented with his trophies

Lewis scored 593 out of 600 to win this trophy at Altcar Rifle Range. He was fourteen years old at the time.

c. 1960 - Shooting

Young Lewis being presented with his trophies

Yet another trophy for rifle shooting. This occasion is unknown.

1978 - TV Times Best Dressed Man

TV Times Image

Lewis was selected as one of the final ten contenders for the title, competing against such elegant style icons as Ted Rogers and Diddy David Hamilton. TV Times readers had to place the ten in order of preference, and the winner was the person whose choices matched those of the judges. If the TV Times ever published the results it was in such an obscure corner of their periodical that no one seems to know what the final placings were. Answers on an email please, if you know...

1980 - The Paras

Lewis in a red beret

In February 1980 Lewis went through his T.A.V.R. selection course at Hythe Assault Training area, gaining the coveted Red Beret and joining 10th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (10 Para, now disbanded). He later said that it was the proudest moment of his life.

1980- First crossing of the English Channel in a two-man hovercraft

Lewis and Martin Shaw in hovercraft
© Douglas Morrison

Sponsored by London Weekend Television, September 1980 saw Lewis and his Professionals co-star Martin Shaw make this landmark channel crossing, despite breaking down mid-Channel, to raise £2,000 for Stoke Mandeville Hospital's Spinal Building Appeal Fund. Visit our In Person gallery to see photographs of the cheque being presented to Sir Jimmy Savile.

1981 - TV Times Top Ten Award for Most Compulsive Male Character

Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw at the TV Times Awards

Lewis was nominated for the character of Bodie three times in total (twice in conjunction with Martin Shaw's Doyle character). Bodie and Doyle came third in 1978, Bodie came second in 1979, then Bodie and Doyle eventually triumphed in 1981.

1982 - Otto

Lewis with his Otto trophy

German magazine Bravo awarded Lewis their silver "Otto" in 1982. He was presented with the award on stage, before a screening of Who Dares Wins. A grinning Lewis said, "He looks like Martin Shaw!" Many thanks to Sabine Wagner/Bodie4me for translation.

1982 - Smurf Award

The Pop/Rocky Hammer Smurf

In a similar tribute from another magazine of the time, Pop Rocky asked, "Who would like to meet Lewis Collins and present him with POP/Rocky’s golden hammer smurf?" Thanks again to Sabine Wagner/Bodie4me for translation.

1982 - This Is Your Life

This Is Your Life, with Doris and Eamonn

Lewis was the subject on 8th December 1980, when family and friends, including Mike McCartney, Freddie Starr, Gonzo and Sir Jimmy Savile, appeared to pay tribute to him.

1983 - Sexiest Man on TV

Lewis Collins

And Lewis was it. Poll conducted by the Daily Star newspaper and MORI.

1984 - Sexiest Man on TV

Lewis in a jumper

Again courtesy of the Daily Star and MORI polls, Lewis retained his number one position, beating fellow heart-throbs Dennis Waterman, Patrick Mower, John Thaw and Terry Wogan.

1985 - Tales from Fat Tulip's Garden

image of Book cover - Never Eat a Tortoise

This children's television show honoured Lewis by naming a daredevil tortoise after him. Lewis Collins tortoise only appeared in one episode, but he made further appearances in the books from the series: Tales from Fat Tulip's Garden, in which Lewis Collins disguises himself as a fruitcake, and Never Eat a Tortoise, where Sylv and Ernie’s fast thinking saves Lewis Collins from a dreadful fate.

1987 - Greatest Living Englishmen

Lewis Collins

Compiled by Loaded magazine, the laddish qualities that earned Lewis his number 41 entry were scavenged from the tabloids, and comprised birds, booze, birds, guns and birds.

2004 - Britain's 50 Best Dressed Men Ever

Contender for Best Dressed Man
© Getty Images

This photographic exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London aimed to celebrate sartorial style through the ages. Lewis came a respectable 20th, ahead of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and Sean Connery, but sadly lagging behind The Clash.

2006 - The Greatest Living Macho Man

Lewis with soft toys

A tongue-in-cheek accolade given to Lewis in the BBC Television programme, Beefcake: A Very British Sex Symbol. Presented by Tony Livesey, the show examined the demise of real action men on television. Lewis himself didn't actually take part in the programme.

2007 - The 800 People who put Liverpool on the map

Lew in 2007

This list was compiled by the Liverpool Echo and published on 28th August, 2007, as part of the city's 800th anniversary celebrations. The 800 were not ranked, but listed alphabetically.