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Goodbye, dearest Lew. Thank you for lighting up our lives with your wonderful acting, your gorgeous smile and your irrepressible personality; thank you for the thrills, the spills, the laughter and the tears; and thank you for bringing me some of the best friends I've ever had, friends I never would have met were it not for our mutual admiration for you and your work. We will miss you so much, Lew, but you'll always live on in our hearts. With love from Chris xxx

RIP, Lewis. I grew up watching you on The Professionals and as much of the work you did after that...unfortunately not a lot is available here in Canada. You were definitely one my favourites from when I was a teen until now-thank you for all of your work. You were taken too soon and you will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to your family at this time.
Sincerely, Erica M.

Love you Lewis and will always remember you. Love to Michelle and sons. Karen

To Michell, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. I was truly devastated by the news of Lew's passing, even weeks later I still can't believe it. We knew so little about him once he'd left England so this made the news all the more shocking. But I had always been content in the knowledge that he was in the world and had you all and hoped he knew how loved he was. In the Spring I shall plant a tree in his name as a permanant reminder, something strong and handsome like an oak! My love to you all. Carol, Cardiff.

To Lewis Collins,
Thanks for the enjoyment for the characters you played, I'm sure part of the person was in each of the characters you played and that is what made your roles so enjoyable to so many people. I certainly enjoyed many of the films you appeared in, particularly characters that so many people could associate with or aspired to be like.

To your family,
Sorry for the loss of your loved one. It was probably difficult having so much media and public attention on such a popular part of Lewis's career and to then be able to move on and have privacy as a family after this. I hope you have that privacy, be comforted by the enjoyment Lewis gave to so many people.
Lewis, thanks for the memories, rest in peace,
Kerry from Australia

Rest in peace my love. One day you will meet those who love you again. Love you forever.

Rest in peace bodie. Gone too soon, far too young to leave us.
Sweet dreams in heaven 3 7. Happy memories forever

So sorry for your loss ma'am - we only knew your husband as an actor, and for his art, which isn't much basis for a connection or anything real, but many of us have also lost loved ones, in the horror but also relative peace of knowing, nobody much felt connected to them entitled to them, nor concerned.
Guess what I'm trying to say is, your pain must be immense, words can't even salvage that, can't touch that - but in the one part of your husband's life that we know about, his acting, he's left a mark and people who will never meet you, never be part of anything, are genuinely mourning, still, genuinely bereaved, that an actopr who brought Bodies calm brutality and humour, Gavin's calm wit and ease, and in recent years, mthe chillingly mercurial flash of the scientist in The Bill, is no longer with us.
Not to perform - not to be an entertainement, or a sideshow, or a sport - just gone, and we'll not see HIS like again, not in any way, not in any time.
I disagree that there was a great career, a Bond role, a this, or that, that Mr Collins could/should have done - he lived, he loved, he did a lot of things right and if he was remotely human, he did even more things wrong. So do we all.
But very few of us have been as loved, as mourned, or as iconic.
May your husband rest in peace, or if that's not "it" - may he find the perfect attainment of whatever comes after.
I hope something does.
Look at all the tributes here - nobody deserves it more.

legend, whom shall never be forgotten.

Thank you and good night, my 70s idol !

My heart goes out to your family and friends - we have lost a wonderful actor, and those who loved you and whom you loved have lost so very much more. Thank you for all the wonderful pleasure you gave us and that your work still gives us, now and in the future: in a very real sense, you are still with us, in every memory and in everything we say or do or think with you in mind. In the words of the physicist's eulogy, "According to the law of the conservation of energy, not a bit of you is gone; you're just less orderly."

Dear Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron, I was so sorry to hear of Lew's passing, having been a staunch fan for many, many years. He was truly a lovely person and an incredible actor. My thoughts are with you all.
Janet xx

I would just like to pass on my condolences to Lewis' wife and three children, as has probably been said, he was a part of my childhood growing up, the coolest guy on tv, as kids everybody wanted to be Bodie! It came as a shock when i heard the news on the radio that morning, still hard to believe that Lewis has passed away but hopefully these tributes to the man will give his family some comfort, showing the love and affection in which he was held. Forever in our hearts, Rest in Peace Lew. Ricky Monteith Belfast Northern Ireland

Thank you, Lewis. Sleep well.

You have flown on a tide of affection, your head nestled on a pillow of down.
Your coverlet made from threads of rainbows.
The warm sun played on your brow and the gentle breeze caressed your cheek.
You have flown too soon and I am consumed by grief but through the vale of mist a shaft of light appears where sunbeam memories cascade down - to be caught and held in my heart with thanks for all you gave.
Fly high free spirit - Prince among men. Lia x

I am so sorry to hear that Lewis had died , im related to him on my dad's side of the family , my dad's bother had the same silver Capri , I lost my dad to cancer at the age 67 in August I'm still in tears over my dad & Lewis i am thinking of michelle & other boys at this sad time he was loved to much all my love shaz .uk bodie forever xxx

All of that pain and those fears you had for those you loved and were leaving behind, have gone away now.
The worry and the sadness are no more. You can rest in the utmost peace and the endless sleep.
And those that loved you in life may take some comfort from the pain of loving you through death.
We will see you again... but not yet.

To Michelle, Oliver, Elliot & Cameron, my thoughts are with you at this very sad time.
You are all blessed to have had each other in your lives for the time that you did.
Alex from New Zealand

may i hope we stay tuned somehow, lewis? thank you for everything. and i hope you've had a good transition, sir.

Rest in peace Lewis. You were a great actor and a cool man and you will not be forgotten. Much love to the Collins family. Christian Davies, London

The best bond that never was your pain is now over thinking of Collins family at this sad time, you will be sadly missed but always remembered xx
P.S member of the friendship circle (Christine Russon)

I would like to pay tribute by saying thank you for those childhood memories the professionals will always be one of the greatest tv shows Bodie was a wonderful tough engaging character and the reason most men wanted a ford Capri . I was lucky enough to get an autograph in Basingstoke after his performance in a dangerous corner and will stay in the memory. God bless and rest in peace and my sincere condolences to his family and friends..Iain
always a fan

I was so very sorry to hear of Lewis's passing. His face and voice instantly took me back to my teenage years, when watching The Professionals was a weekly event eagerly awaited by everyone in my class. I sincerely hope that reading these messages will bring some comfort to his family, whom he obviously loved very dearly. Blessings to you all, and thank you for sharing this charismatic and kindly man with us for so long x

You definitely should have been James Bond - a sexy, fit and truly British man with a real charisma... Shame it didn't happen, would've liked to see you there. Wishing your family a lot of strength. ps looked great in turtle-necks :)

reading al the tributes over the past few weeks, I just posted this on my blog

and it really hurts to read them, like, my heart hurts, I� m gutted, part of me has died too. It's just a horrible feeling that wont go away and I'm just so saddened by it all. How do you not cry at any point when you think of how such a lovely gentleman is no longer with us. Heaven gained one of it's brightest recently and i shall pray for you each day and pray your lovely wife and children are alright,
I will never forget you. Lewis Collins, my childhood hero.
please Rest in Peace you beautiful man you. x Cheri, England

I left a message earlier but realised I had forgotten to say where myself and Chloe are from, so to You, Mr Collins, we will miss you and still cant believe it. I can probably almost with certainty vouch for every here ny saying it hurts to have to write these words. Me and Chloe wish you Michelle and your family lots of strength and love, and not just at this time but for always. You know when someone has made such an impression on you that it hurts like crazy in our heart when something happens to them. It seems like for some of us, one message is just not enough and we want to say more to say Thank you to Lewis and to you too. I hope the love of all the fans helps you some. Love Sherry (Mum 42) and Chloe (daughter 9 ) London, UK.

In remembering someone beloved gone we can only speak about ourself: I would not be the woman I am today but for him. I only learned English to watch him in original back in the late seventies. And today I work for an english company in medical research. My twin and I could not get enough of watching him in every little bit of film, on stage or in the news. When I heard the sad news three weeks ago I was rendered speechless. And then came memories which made me smile through the sadness: Early eighthies, when I came across my extremely handsome first boyfriend yellow with envy watching "A night on the town" on my new VCR. Him wistfully stating that "such a devilish gorgeous guy - who could even move to music - should be forbidden to be seen in public!!!" All those years I stayed a fan of this devilish-gorgeous guy, this truely wonderful actor. I own him hillarious fan-girl-weekends, worlds of imagination and some of the best memories of my youth. My memories will keep. Susan from Germany

Missing You Always

You never said I'm leaving
You never said goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why.

A million times I needed you
A million time I cried,
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still,
In my heart I hold a place
That only you can fill.

Rest in peace, Sunshine. Sophie x

So sad and too early. The entertainment world surely missed out as Lewis would have been the perfect James Bond. He had every quality for the part.
RIP Mr Collins and condolences to all his family.

I too have already put a message on here for Lewis. I am still finding it difficult to believe that he is no longer with us! I remember finding out where Lewis lived in Golders Green, so a friend and I travelled up to Golders Green and located his house, after seeing a very nice motorbike outside, we knocked on the door (shaking with anticipation that Bodie may open it)he did not but his lovely Dad Bill did. We asked if Bodie was in - on that occassion he was not (so disappointed) but his dad was very polite and said that he would tell Lewis that, we came to see him. I think if Lewis did open the door I especially would have fainted. I have not come across a more handsome man in my life, he will always be my number 1 hunk of a guy. I am so happy that I did have the pleasure of meeting him & I will always cherish my signed photos.
God Bless you Lewis and RIP, Good Night 3.7 - with much love Joanne G Ruislip. xxx

A wonderful actor who will be sadly missed
Rip lew John West midlands

Dear Michelle We wanted to tell you how much we love and support you and will always remember Lewis, my 9 year old daughter had just gotten into watching TP over here in the UK and we were both really upset when we heard the news. Our hearts go out to you and to your sons. It's hard to express clearly how much this has has affected us, and this is why I wanted to come over and offer you our support ( mine and Chloe's ) and our love for you both. I know how it feels, I have been there a few years ago and I do know this, that you will be reunited again and that is something to be reminded of. For Lewis, I thank you so so much, for being that part of my childhood growing up via the tv and everything and having that hero role model for us to look up to when a teen. I pray for you and for Michelle everyday and just wanted to express my thoughts today, Michelle, I wish I could give you a hug to say how we feel. Thank you for letting us write to you and to say Thank you to Lewis and that you are all in are thoughts. xx

A truly gorgeous talented man,how many can boast that they were a hairdresser,musician, a brilliant actor( comic and straight),and a successful businessman. A contented loving husband and father,who managed to keep his privacy in a not very private world.
I am sure Michelle and the boys will get a great deal of pleasure and comfort from reading all these tributes from all over the world,to know how much he was loved and admired.
My heartfelt sympathies to Michelle and the family,I know just how she is feeling,my husband died 21months ago and I still find myself having a quiet cry remembering the little things.

Always cherished and now so sadly missed. We're so lucky to have Lew's recorded works to treasure always. I'm grateful for them, he was very special. RIP to a lovely man and sincere condolences for his family and friends. Lynda, Sydney

What can I say that hasn't already been said except, thank you for being you. Heartfelt condolences to your family. Alison, Canberra Australia.

To Michelle , Elliot,Cameron and Oliver. Am so sad to hear of Lewis' passing. We are thinking of you all during this difficult time and praying for strength for you all, especially over the Christmas period. I know how hard it is to lose a parent at a young age. I lost my mum at a similar age to Lewis when I was only 27.
Lewis was one of our favorite actors, especially in the Professionals where he was the standout for so many of us down here in New Zealand, where the show is extremely popular.His great sense of humour and timing is still enjoyed by myself and my brothers still 30years on in the DVDs we have of the show.
I was moved that in 2011 Lewis even replied to a letter I wrote to him and could still be humourous despite battling illness. "oh to be 3 7 again..........I mean age !! " .
Lewis may have left us, but his memory will live long in the Townley household. He has given us many years of enjoyment and entertainment, not only through his acting, but through his interviews on Tv. Again our deepest sympathy to you all. Stay strong and God bless .
Chris Townley , New Zealand

Oh Lew, you left us far too soon! I am struggling to find the words to convey my sadness. Thank you for giving us such wonderful characters. They will live on, stronger than ever. My thoughts are with your family. I hope they find comfort in knowing how much respect there is for you and your work and that a new fan is discovering you every day.
The lights have somehow dimmed with your passing, but the heavens are a little brighter and I am a better person for having known something of you and your life.

The best condolence and compliment I can pay Lewis is that most people on this plant would envy him. Handsome,talented,a gentleman, a successful actor in a notoriously difficult profession, intelligent, he lived to see the generation of the swinging sixties in Liverpool of all places and he found love and happiness with Michelle and the kids. I think thats a highly successful and fulfilled life.

RIP Lewis. My thoughts are with your family. May they be comforted by the number of fans around the world that loved you and admired your work.
Claire xxxx

Thinking of you always x ali15son

Rest in peace, Lewis. You were my hero when I was younger and I have some great friends now whom I would never have met without you. My daughter is a great Bodie fan as well and would like to join me in sending sincere condolences to Michelle, Cameron, Elliot and Oliver.

Massive fan of Lewis Collins and also the Professionals. Always wanted to be Bodie and was lucky enough to meet my hero in the early 90's at the local Theatre. A kind man who showed a great sense of humour in the 30-40 minutes we met him for. Thanks for making me and my brother very happy on that day and with all your acting work. You will be missed.
Steve J Aberdeen

Thank you so much Lewis Collins for being a great actor and the best Bond that we never had. His work had brought me hours of enjoyment and he was also a very positive role model. His acting roles were cool, sophisticated, action and he was sexy, witty and very talented in so many areas. The interviews I have watched and the comments made by others this was him in real life. I served in the TA during the 80's & 90's and had hoped to bump into him one day on exercise or attachment but it wasn't to be. It was widely known within the British Forces at the time that he was the real deal. I have to admit that Lewis was the crush that never went away. It turns out we have achieved & experienced many, many similar diverse things in life. I was born to be an action girlie and clearly Lewis was born to be that wonderful action man. A man after my own heart in many ways. It is also lovely to hear that he was a family man who had a long marriage and successfully kept his private life just that, whilst also being very generous to his many, many fans even despite being so ill in recent times. It seems strange to feel so upset and cry over someone that I never personally knew but Lewis truly influenced my life in a positive way and has given me many hours of entertainment. I felt it important to write something on here for his family. Not so long ago I lost my father - also Lewis - and have appreciated the kind and sometimes unexpected stories, thoughts, words and wishes from others. I hope in the fullness of time the Collins family will find themselves able to read some of these lovely words, comments and especially stories from those that knew or met Lewis and enjoy them as I have. Deepest sympathy to all of Lewis Collins family and friends. Rest in Peace Lewis. Goodnight 37 - Out. Helen Bristol England

Thanks for the happy memories when The Professional show was on...
So sad and shocked ...

Lew, you´ll be in my heart forever. My thoughts are also with his family, I wish them much strenght in these difficult times. Lew and his family are in my prayers. R.I.P. my friend. Pearl Montana, Germany

ou are and always will be the greatest Lew.You were one of a kind,a true original and a definite Professional! Thankyou so much for all the pleasure you have given me over the years.You will always be remembered and never forgotten.You were the very very best.Paul 37 over and out....

RIP. My hero thank you for the memories from Jason Procter

I have already put one message on here - but somehow, it just doesn't seem enough. I first met Lew in the early 80s - he was so kind & such a gentleman! He wrote several times to me - (I still have, & cherish those letters); telling me where he would be performing, & I was lucky enough to see him on many occasions. I even took my 5 year old daughter to a pantomime in Southsea and to this day she remembers how he jumped down from the stage to put a custard pie in her face! She stills says she recalls how he only used a little bit & was so gentle (she is now 34 & has children of her own) He always took the time to have a chat & even wrote 'that he had fallen in love at last' - when he met you, Michelle. I am still in denial & can't believe that such a gentleman is no longer with us.
My thoughts are with you all! I personally will NEVER forget. RIP Lew xx

Should have been James Bond. Rest in peace lewis. Love and peace to your family.
Deb, Shrewsbury.

I met Lew a few years back when he was touring in Dangerous Corner, at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton. He was kind enough to sign a programme for me. I remember that he acted everyone else off the stage. Thank you for being Bodie, who I've loved for years. God bless you. xx

To the memory of the iconic Bodie:

Capri in the Sky

When we were kids
I was Doyle
and my brother was you
tackling terrorists,
pursuing them in that car
speed limits waived,
handbrake turns
sharp as knives
wrestled from assailants
chased down side streets.

Former police officer
and SAS sergeant pressed together
to coin CI5
licenced to thwart organised crime,
bludgeon political intrigue
with guns, fists
and your witty retorts.

A dynamic theme tune
stirring our machismo every week,
we reconstructed action scenes
with carpet rolls and sofa dives
rescuing our sister from the clutches
of a megalomaniac.

The arguments, fall outs
and love hate relationship
we skimmed over like friendships
that would never sink
as our adolescent awakenings
were drawn to which of us
would get the girl that week.

Andrew Button

what a great man,great actor,will be missed very much

Lewis was and still is my childhood hero I was too young to watch the original aired series but enjoyed watching the re-runs with my late grandparents when I was little I have the full box set on DVD and always make time to watch Lewis he was a real mans man! Someone who always kept it real which we never will see again from a actor he was the best I'm truly saddened by his death I would have loved to have met him shook his had and said your a real legend! My deepest condolences to his family and close friends be proud and stand tall he will never be forgotten he is loved all over the world many times over
Glenn Watkin from Dorset

I was very sad to hear of the death of Lewis Collins and send my condolences to his family at this terrible time. I do hope they are aware of the huge affection and admiration held for him by so many in Britain. He was a great actor, criminally underused by the TV and film industry. I think perhaps he played the character of Bodie too well and they thought he actually was that character rather than the gifted actor he truly was. We can only imagine what he might otherwise have achieved. Not only was he possessed of a great screen presence, physical beauty and charisma, but, from what I gather, was a lovely, caring, down-to-earth person as well. It makes me hope there is a Heaven so we can have the notion he is still around, although of course he lives on in the wonderful work he left us with. With love from Anne Phillips, Forest Hill, London.

I wish to offer heartfelt condolences to the Collins family. Lewis Collins wasn't merely an immensely talented man, he was also a genuine hero who inspired countless others. He will never be forgotten. Amy from NC, USA

Lewis brought me much joy with The Professionals, the Cuckoo Waltz and other shows, as with so many other fans around the world. Without him, I wouldn't have made some of my best friends and embrace so many vivid dreams that will bolster my own life forever. It is with much sadness but so much pride and love too that I would like to send also all my loving support to his family in those cruel times, and remind us if need be that Lewis Lives Forever.
Michèle Zachayus, from France

In 1977, I'd left school, started working and bought myself my own television set and Beta VCR. It was the first time I could pick and choose my television programs, as apposed to watching what my parents were. The Professionals was a favourite of mine and to this day, British drama, especially police/legal drama still remains my favourite. Mr Collins' Bodie was my hero and my first television 'love'.The series was entertaining, but it was the on-screen charisma of Mr Collins what interested me. The DVDs are in my collection, the Professionals books/novels are in my cabinet, along with Who Dares Wins, Jack the Ripper and other shows I've collected over the years.
My own father died at the age of 72 from cancer and I thought he was too young to go, let alone 67. My thoughts and understanding go with his wife, children and family.
Yours sincerely Linda Bristow Australia

My hero. Martin cardiff

Besides being what I really feel a man should be, Lewis really came across as a lovely bloke. I really do wish I could have met him. My deepest condolences and thoughts are with you and your family - Lewis meant a great deal to me and I will never forget him. Alex

Mrs Collins, I hope that you, your boys and all of Lewis' family and freinds take strength from all the messages left on this fansite. Lewis was many things to many generations, and will live on in our memories. After the last five difficult years, and now the loss of your dear Husband, take time to grieve in your own way. Do not let anybody rush you. Cry when you want to , or dont cry. Nobody will judge you. Take comfort from the private memories, photos and mementoes of your family life, and the public image of Lewis Collins the actor (tv and film), hairdresser, singer,musician, comedy actor and charity fundraiser.
My thoughts are with you for Christmas, put up your tree and as you look at the twinkling lights remember those Blue eyes which I am sure had an extra sparkle for you and your family.
We his fans will never forget.
Be at peace our Bodie.

I have watched, admired and adored Lewis since I was a small child watching The Cuckoo Waltz and then a grown woman watching him appear in The Bill. I feel, like so many, that I've lost part of my childhood and youth. My heart goes out to his family. He seemed a really lovely man as well as a great actor. x

Lewis Collins my favourite actor/hero sat like the millions every week like me who adored the professionals,playing the game in the school yard always wanting to be bodie, my first car of course a capri, thank you for all the memories a true all time great, my youngest son is christened lewis colin miller smith after you sir god bless , our family pass on our thoughts to his family. Colin Smith and family Liverpool Merseyside.

I was devastated to hear the news and still can't believe it. I only hope to God that he knew how utterly loved he was by us all over here. My love goes out to Michelle and the boys.xxxx

I have already left one tribute here, one that expressed my immediate shock at this sad news. Now, nearly three weeks later, I want to try to express my thanks for all that Lewis Collins has given me. Without him I wouldn't have my own Capri, I wouldn't have taken up writing again, I wouldn't be making fan vids, and I wouldn't have made some of the best friends of my life. My thoughts are with his wife and family, and I hope that these condolence messages will help them to see just how much Lew meant to so many people, how they show that he had an immeasureable impact on people's lives, and how his name will live on in our hearts, always. Rest in peace, sunshine.
With love, ILWB/Shirl.

I met Lewis Collins in the 90ths and i was surprised what a friendly and really funny man he was! He was a much underrated actor and I always felt sorry that he never played ''Bond''. I know, he thought a little bit different about ''Bond''. Fact is he was a great actor and much more as only the character ''Bodie''.
Rest in peace.

Lewis Collins was legend he put the Ford Capri on the road, he was my hero as a child and still is. He was a fine actor and greatly by myself and many others.
my thoughts are with his family
Rob Williams From Tooting, London

Un acteur formidable....
Rest in peace
Toutes mes condoléances

I will miss you, Lew! RIP and know you will always be remembered. I am still doing my Professionals DVD tribute.

A real man's man and a true gentleman - gone too soon. Big fan of yours since I was a kid 30 years ago. Thanks for everything Mr Collins. JB Belfast, Norn Iron

So sad I loved the professionals he was a great actor RIP Lewis Collins from glenn a big big fan

Very sad news I worked with Lewis on the professionals doing his hair which sometimes his hairdressing career would take over and my scissors where taken from me and would chop away himself, with me pleading continuity Lew.
He was great fun, I feel blessed to have known him.
My love and thoughts go to Michelle and the boys.Sue Love

you should have been 007...what a shame for the fans and you and family...

Rest in peace Lewis, and my heartfelt thanks for everything you have given us.

Such sad news. I have always been a fan of the Professionals and always imagined myself as Bodie in my Capri. I still have the photo of myself and Lewis at Fordthorne in Cardiff back in the early eighties when I was a lad. RIP mate. Sending heartfelt condolences to your family at this ad time. Ed, Penarth xxx

To Lewis' sincere condolence at your loss. I grew up in the 1970's and to this day (even tonight) I am watching the legend, Mr Collins, "ragging" a Ford Capri and "spanking" a Triumph Dolomite.....I have been lucky enough to have (so far) near 36 years of Lewis in my Living room. As an actor you become immortal but, only if you did something that people like....people adore this man...a true talent and inspiration. RIP Bodie.

I was absolutely gutted to hear about the death of Lewis, such a talented actor. The fact he was rejected to play bond was a travesty, he had the looks, charm and charisma and would have fitted the role perfectly. My sincere condolences go to his wife wife and boys RIP

I just can't put it better than Mo saying 'He was our dream but he was your reality.' To Michelle Collins and to Lew's sons, I really cannot express how very, very sorry I am that you have lost your husband/Father....
It must have been so terribly hard for you all over the past few years, and although I can totally understand your desire for privacy at this difficult time, I also hope that Lewis knew just how loved he was by his legions of fans and admirers -as well as by his family and close friends- while he lived. I loved Lew is all his acting roles, and -unlike many in the public eye- have never heard a bad word said against him. I wish we could have seen a lot more of him, but am also very glad that he found real happiness in his family and work out of the media spotlight. You were obviously exactly what he needed, and I hope you can take comfort from that knowledge during dark times. Meanwhile, my children are a new generation of Lewis Collins fans, and although there is a little bit less sparkle in the World without him in it, we will always remember him in our way, as you will in yours....With Love and Deepest Sympathy, Lé, UK xx

The man was a legend and a personal hero of mine growing up in the 70's and 80's. Such a shame that his talent wasnt given a better and wider stage to work on, but as long as he was happy and he had his family, he seemed content. RIP Lewis...gentleman, great actor and hero to many kids of my generation.

Shocked and saddened to hear of Lewis' death. I know he shouldn't be remembered just for Bodie in The Professionals but it was a part he was best known for here in the UK. It was filmed quite a lot in Muswell Hill where I lived and it was great fun recognising places in the area in some of the episodes. I saw him one day stopping at a shop with his then girlfriend. He was a very imposing figure and very good looking and I can't believe I just walked by him. My heart goes out to his family and I wish them much peace at this time. He was much too young to leave this world.

I am so sorry and sad for Michelle and their three sons. All my love and thoughts to you. It is so sad that Lewis passing so early. I have been a fan of him since I was a teenie. Goodbye Lewis and rest in peace!
Love Birigt

Goodnight beautiful man. Go with love. Sharon.

Dear Lew, have loved you since your Cuckoo Waltz days. Shall still watch repeats of The Professionals every day. Extremely handsome, great actor, funny and sincere. Missed with great sorrow. Life just won't be the same! Thoughts go out to Michelle and the boys.
Karen D xxx

We never met, darling Lew, yet your loss hurts so much. Love and sympathy to Michelle, Cameron, Elliot and Oliver, in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace, brave and beautiful man. I will never forget you. Lois, devoted fan from Hertfordshire, UK.

Lewis, what can I say, you are my hero to this day. I first saw you in the cuckoo waltz and then watched every minute of The Professionals (and still do even today) because of you I took up ju-jitsu and later joined the Police. You helped a boy become a man and for that you will never be forgotten, good night 3-7 and God bless you. Terry, Warrington Cheshire

R.I.P - Lewis Collins, a real PROFESSIONAL. Growing up in the 70's in Ireland it was impossible not to be impressed by both the TV show and Lewis' physical presence and acting chops. And now I find out he played drums and the bass too. Legend!

So sorry for the bereavement of his wife and children. I always had a special place in my heart for this wonderful man. I feel gutted at his loss, and I am praying for the repose of his soul and that God grant his family peace and comfort in their suffering. Melanie, Trinidad.

My wife and I met Lewis in Southport following his appearance in JB Priestley's Dangerous Corner.What a true gentleman he was; he bought us both a drink and chatted with us for sometime. I remember being very star struck (very unlike me) , whilst my wife (who was 19 at the time) just taking it in her stride not really knowing who he was - I think he rather liked that to be honest. Thanks for the memories Lewis, no doubt that encounter will live on in our family folklore for years to come. R,I.P

I was sorry and upset to hear of Lew's passing I knew him when I was in the army when he was with 10 para in finchley. We went to the disco's up there, he was kind and funny and I never forgot him. I did try to find out what happened to him so I cd have spoken to him 1 more time but sadly I can't now. I'm glad he had a wonderful wife like you Michelle and am sure he was well proud of his sons. God bless you all and take care love Sandra xxx

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