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Lewis Remembered

To mark the first anniversary of Lewis's passing, we have created a tribute video which captures some of the qualities that made him such a beloved actor to his thousands of fans.



Fans can still make a donation to Help For Heroes in Lewis's memory. Click here to go to Lew's bmycharity page for card donations, or visit our Charity Donations page to see other payment methods.

Fan Messages

A year has passed since your passing lew ,you are so missed ,i raised a glass for you ,and watched you on tv ,still unbelievable that your gone ,rest in peace beautiful man ,and thank you ,my childhood pin up xxx thoughts and prayers to Michelle,they sons,and family x

Thinking of beautiful Lewis Collins, so much loved and missed. Lewis had the wonderful ability to inspire enduring love and loyalty amongst those who knew him and those who never met him but felt an affinity with him. Thank you Lewis for all the joy you gave and all the memories. You made a great impression on me and I will keep you in my heart. Love to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. Susan x.

I am still very sad.
Many thanks that you, Mrs. Collins and your sons, give us a place to think of Lewis. I come from Germany and have, unfortunately, no possibility, to visit this place. But this does not matter, because it is more important to have dear human beings in the heart and in memory, or not? And there a place will always be for Lewis.
I wish you a lot of power for your future.
(excuse, my English is not so good)

Thinking of lewis and his family today. I cant believe its been a year since he passed away. He will always be so greatly missed by his fans. I'm so glad he had such a happy family life and I thank his wife and sons for the lovely messages they have sent on here.

27th November - sending love and bestest wishes especially on this day to Michelle and the boys and many thanks for keeping the Memorial Page open so that we can continue to donate to Help for Heroes in memory of the gorgeous Lewis Collins from an OAP Bodie Fan in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

It is with deep sadness that I just discovered that Lewis Collins had passed away exactly a year ago. I work in a Library and just received a new TV series with his former partner Martin Shaw and so that brought him to mind in the old TV series The Professionals. So I decided to google his name and so discovered his passing. I was so deeply saddened as I used to watch the Professionals in the late 70’s/early 80’s in England. He was part of my past, a time and place that evokes such happy memories, times long gone. I’m just so saddened and just thought I’d put it down here. He was a wonderful actor and brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. I know it’s a year late but if you have the opportunity please pass on my condolences to his family. Sincerely,

Dear Michelle and family, I'm thinking of you on this very sad day, Lew's anniversary. Please be comforted by the fact that you are not alone - many of us, who you don't even know, are feeling upset and wishing he was still here. I'm so grateful for the legacy in celluloid that he left behind that will always be with us. Love to you all, Anne Phillips.

A year has gone by and my love goes to Michelle and the boys today. Rest in peace Lew thanks for all the laughs we had back in the 70s during your training . For those that have not seen it. My tribute to his TA Career is on this link

one year on and the sadness still remains are missed by all your fans so are forever in my thoughts , thinking of your family on this sad day , alison xx

Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love.
You were very much loved Lewis by your family and fans
Love Always

I loved watching the Professionals as a teen and still watch avidly today, with even more appreciation than back then, if that's possible. Somehow it seems so much more poignant since Lew's passing.What a fine actor he was from comedy to serious acting he had it all.Being a member of various fansites his memory will live on in the hearts of us all.Love JanetC xxx

Dear Michelle & family,
I just wanted to leave a message to say that I will be thinking of you all today. I can't believe it has been a year since Lewis' passing. Stay strong and take comfort in knowing just how much he is remembered, loved and missed. As long as he is in your hearts he remains with you.
Tracey Harper x

Still so much sadness, thanks for being the best friend I never met, love always, Boothros (Sharon Moss) xxx

I can remember reading a friend's Facebook post in the early hours of the 27th last year about seeing a tweet from Mike McCartney regarding Lew's death, and just hoping it wasn't true. I've been a fan of his since 2002 when my mother first showed me Jack the Ripper. Immediately I was taken with him, and she recommended the Professionals to me - which set off a chain reaction and introduced me to internet fandom and some wonderful friends. A few of us "Pros" people meet up each Christmas or "CI5mas" as we call it (wonder what Lew would make of it heh?!) and have a good natter and drink. Last year, our meet up was one week after he died and it was really sad, but good to celebrate him with other fans. He was the type of man you could imagine going on forever. I was (still am) so in love with Bodie and his Northern cheekiness. Lew was wonderful as him. I wish so badly I could have met him. This time of year is doubly hard for me and our little Pros gang as we lost one of our most beloved friends Shelley in a car accident in December 2012, and she was too young to go at 30... My hope is that she's up there quizzing Lew over The Professionals as we speak - probably Gordon too! RIP dear Shell and Lew xxx

I find it astonishing that it has been a year tomorrow since Lewis's death. It still feels like just a couple of months ago. I think about him daily as The Professionals has been on t.v here (Britain) every day for about the last 6 years and I wonder how you are all getting on.Better I hope. Love and best wishes to you all. Carol.

One year on but it still seems like yesterday since we lost our darling Lew, such a sad shock. But I am so utterly grateful for the years of tv and films that we got to enjoy from this wonderful man, he was a star in more ways than one. He stole my heart as Bodie but the more I found out about the man behind that role, the more proud I was of him. So much depth of character, quietly involving himself in helping others and most of it going unsung. And then the fun part of his life, his abiding love of sky diving, his excellence with guns and many other things that I am sure he had a go at with gusto! His lovely little boy giggling is a joy to watch in some of his interviews and then he goes on to qualify for the SAS! It doesn't get any tougher than that and I get so thrilled reading such comments of admiration from his colleagues in 2 Para, true grit indeed. But best of all, he married a lovely girl and became Dad to three amazing boys, I am so deeply thankful that his dream came true. I watched all his films and bought his records but I never quite realised how much he meant to me until that day last year, the world without him still seems odd somehow. But my feelings of loss can never match those of the dear family he had to leave, my heart goes out to you Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. I can only hope that in some way you can get comfort from the fact that ordinary people he never met will never forget him. He left his mark on my life and I will remember him always. Love Sandra xx

Now it`s one year since Lewis passed away, and I still can`t believe that my hero passed away. But I will never forget him. Although I never met him , he was and is still my hero. He left a deep footprint on my heart since I was a teenager. I will never ever forget him. My thoughts are with Michelle, Elliot and Cameron. Be brave. Warmest wishes and love Pedy (BC )

Already a year since lovely Lew was taken, and although I am struggling to find the right words to say, I needed to let his family know how much they are in my thoughts. Lew was loved by many and was certainly never forgotten (hope he knew) and he still is loved. Thinking of you all, and God Bless Lew. A light went out.....MJ

Just wanted to say that Lew's death still feels just as raw as it did last year- I am sending loads of love and strength to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron, and thinking of them at what must be a hugely difficult time. Lewis left a huge hole in the universe when he left, but I know that thousands of people like me still remember him daily, and hope that his family can take some comfort from this, and that somewhere out there Lew too is aware of how much he is truly missed. Loads of love from all my family to his. My youngest son (5) even recognised 'Bodie' in The Cuckoo Waltz the other day, and they are loving watching Lew's antics....All our love, and wishes for a peaceful Xmas. Le xxx

Remembering Lewis at his year's anniversary. Love and prayers for him and his family. MrsS

Hard to believe tomorrow will be a year since we lost Lewis. There isn't a day gone by that I haven't thought about him. I end up in tears when the pain gets too much. What a beautiful man inside and out.But what ever I'm going through is nothing to what his family will be going through. I send my love and best wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Cameron,and Elliot, stay strong, I think of you often and thank you so very much for taking the time to communicate. Lew will always be in my heart.Donna xxx

A year has passed since we had to say goodbye to Lewis. How hard that was - and still is. It will be impossible to expect tears not to fall again on the 27th. My thoughts are often with Michelle and Oliver, Elliott and Cameron especially on this 1st anniversary. I hope you will all be together not only to comfort but to remember all the wonderful memories you must share and treasure of Lew which I am sure are never far from your thoughts every day. Lew will always live on in the hearts of so many people and will never be forgotten. Plus, new friends will discover him through his legacy and amazing talent and fall under his spell just as thousands of us already have. Kindest wishes to you all. Lia x (Hants England)

It is, unbelievably, a year since the death of Lewis Collins. The 27th November is Thanksgiving Day in America and it seems a fitting day to be thankful for the life of Lewis who gave so much joy to so many people. Lewis was a man of great talent and during his long career his achievements were many but I feel certain that he would say his greatest achievement was his happy marriage and the three sons it produced who are, I am sure, just as amazing as their loving Dad. Lewis is loved and remembered by so many people and he will live on in all our hearts. My love and warmest wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron, I will be thinking of you. Sue xxx

I can't believe this past year has gone so terribly fast, it seems like only yesterday that we lost our hero, Lew. It's hard enough on us fans but the pain must be multiplied a million times for his family and my thoughts go out to them on the anniversary of his passing. Lew will always hold a special place in my heart and he will live on in my memories just as he does on my tv screen. On the 27th of November this year and every year, I will raise my glass in honour of the man who was much more than just 'Bodie'. Love Kelly xxx

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since we lost our amazing, wonderful, hugely loved Lew. But one thing has been proven along the way, that no matter how much time goes by he will continue to be remembered and loved by his fans, who still think about him every day. My thoughts go out to Michelle, Elliot, Cameron and Oliver. With love, Shirl (ILWB)