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We would like to express our thanks to the many people who have contributed information, pictures, time and effort to help make this site what it is. All help, great and small, was most appreciated and came from the following, in alphabetical order:

Thumbs up from Lew!Lisa de Azevedo
Chrissy Bright
Lisa Clark
David Conlin
Cheryl Ann Easton
Laura Grisi
Helen Hollick
Louise Jones
Wendy Long
Rachel Malone
Dave Matthews
Maureen Rankin
Maxim McDonald
Claire McKendrick
Wendy Plaskett
Colin Robinson
Bob Rocca
Shirl (ILWB)
Stuart Slater
Klaus Voormann
Sabine Wagner/Bodie4me
Anja Wanka
Rob Wilton


Everything within this website is copyright to someone. The page banners are the copyright of Chris Dixon, the biography is the copyright of LCH, and all remaining text within the site itself is copyright to L&C. All rights reserved. Please do not use any of the above without permission.

All the photographic images used in this website are copyright to their respective owners, with all rights reserved. We had intended to have all the necessary permissions for all pictures used in the site but unfortunately, some of the photographs have been around so long, and have been used uncredited by so many different people over the years, that it is virtually impossible to work out who actually owns the copyright for them. We tried, but were only able to establish actual ownership of a handful of them. After a lot of soul-searching we decided to show them here anyway, as their use is solely for the enjoyment of fans. No breach of copyright is intended, no profit is made from their use and we have protected the images as far as we can. All copyright holders/photographers have been acknowledged, where known. If, however, you feel we have made inappropriate use of material belonging to you, please contact the site owners.


The images on the site now bear a watermark. This is not a claim to copyright ownership or to any other rights for the image; it is merely for the purpose of raising awareness of the site, should any images from here be used elsewhere. It also preserves the value of the originals, for those who have the right to earn income from them.