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Remembering Lew


What a wonderful site this is, I have been watching the re-runs of The Proffessionals on UK TV (I have no memory of watching them as a child, would have been too young and my Mum was pretty strict on not letting me watch stuff, I wasn't allowed to watch Grange Hill!) I did watch Who Dares Wins back in the day and enjoyed that, so maybe compared to most who found this site, I wasn't so well versed on Lewis. This site has changed that, reading the tributes, fan memories and the lovely message from his family, I got quite emotional thinking of this man who invoked such strong feelings in so many people. He sounds like a genuine and nice man, and I'm glad I got to read about it tonight. I will enjoy his acting even more now I know more about him as a Man. RIP Lewis.

Can't believe he would have been that age! We uk fans miss him and taken before his time. Thanks for all he did filming and teaching others after going to u.s. And the comedy +music. God bless x

He will be greatly missed by all his Liverpool fans. And his friend Martin Shaw. I live in Crosby,and I’ve had two strokes 5 years ago and still leaning to walk properly it’s hard but I’m getting there at 77 this November. You have a beautiful Wife and family Lewis as I’m sure your looking down at the all. I wanted to be in the parachute regiment at 17 ,12/13 Para.Grace Rd ,Walton,Liverpool. But failed my medical . I know all about his friendship with Mike McCarthy ,Paul’s Brother. God Bless you fantastic Scousers. David

Just watched another episode of The Professionals. Am still as much of a Lewis fan now as i was 40 years ago. No one would ever be able to replace him in that role or any other. A very sad loss to the world.

Brilliant actor, sorely missed, musician, driver of fast Capris ( wonder what he would make of the prices for them these days! ) Hugely influential in my uk childhood and never forgotten.

I was member of lewi s fan club i still have his photo and card he is much missed and great actor . Paul from essex

Hi Sweetpie.
Just feeling a bit down tonight, and turned to you for comfort.
Love you always
Caroline xxxx

I too was born on the 27th May but in 1953 and I fell in love with Lewis Collins in The Professionals. Itâ s an honour to have the same birth date. He would have made a fabulous James Bond, all the looks. Such a talented man. I kept his picture, of him and Martin Shaw, in my wardrobe and watched him every week, and dreamed like young girls do.. Iâ m 65 now and I still fancy him.
God bless you Lewis Collins, you still make me happy.

Such an amazing man


I remember him as a kind and caring man. We were "pen-pals" I suppose you would call it for a few years from about 1981. I have got rid of lots of things over the years but still have all the letters and postcards he wrote to me! His sage advice got me through a break-up whilst I was in 6th form (I thought it was the end of the world...he showed me it wasn't!) and we carried on corresponding when I was at Southampton University. I finally met him while studying there as a friend had a car and we managed to go to Portsmouth where he was in pantomime. We went for a drink with him and other members of the cast (I think I remember Suzanne Dando?)It was a lovely evening, one I haven't forgotten. Lovely genuine person and a great loss. J. xx

It's hard to know really what to say that hasn't been said a thousand times already, but right from the very first time I saw Lew in the Cuckoo Waltz (and I couldn't have been very old at all), he became my heart-throb and no-one else has even come a close second, nor ever will. Life at times can be really difficult and I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't retreat into my own dream world - where despite many twists and turns in the plot, I always get rescued by my hero (which goes without saying!!!!!) Apart from the obvious good looks in abundance, there was so much more to like, he had character and personality, sadly lacking in most people today. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, more's the pity, but he always looked as though you could get on with him, have a bit of fun etc.. There was just something about him that is hard to define, but he was, and is special. Success in life isn't about how much we have but about what we give out and how we are remembered by others, so Lew couldn't have been more successful in life. Kate xxxx ps.. I haven't quite forgiven him for moving to America when he could have moved next door to me..... in my dreams!!!!!

Thoughts of beautiful Lewis as another Christmas comes around. Such a strong and charismatic presence in life does not diminish but continues on. His star shines brightly. Every good wish to his beloved family. Sue xxx

I grew up in love with Lewis I was ill in my twenty a but fought it with videos of bodie Lewis films I'm 47 now I cried when I lost Lewis as I adored him. Mrs Collins you had a dream of mine to meet that lovely man I send yr family who are beautiful and all yr sons look like there handsome dad. You have made me smile reading yr message. He had a beautiful family and he will alwsys be my hero when I was ill he got me smiling and kept me going I wish the collins family every success and send best wishes thank you Lewis for being my hero u still are my hero sir!!!xxxfran England xx

Fantastic Lewis Collins, I have never seen a more beautiful man! Always remembered with oceans of affection.

Think about you often.Hope your family are all doing okay. Love you always. Carol

Miss you so much. You were a true gentleman.

A great character A great actor and A great loss

Fantastic in The Professionals and Who Dares Wins - fancy being turned down to play James Bond as he was considered to be too tough. As if?

Well.. I was a child in the 1970's, and like many children back then living in Scotland, I would spend many a day outside in all types of weather (in what was still back then- a pre-Nintendo world) either being plain bored or simply trying to dodge the rain... (and boy did it always seem to rain back then)... But that all changed one sunny day, in the late 1970's, when I caught a glimpse of 'The Professionals' on t.v. and suddenly- like a lightbulb being switched on- I was gripped.

Like many of my generation, I couldn't get enough of the show; the slick theme tune; cool cars and slick, smart, cultured and urbane character, that you most certainly were.

I made a point of always trying to 'be in' to catch every episode (and the repeat showings too) come what may. The show, was like no other: action-packed in every sense, inspirational and 'mind-blowing'... What was there not to like- nothing at all.

Yes, all of the characters were good, but best of all by far, was the character- Bodie. Let's be honest, everybody; and I do mean everybody; wanted to be Bodie, or at least that is how it was in my school class of the time. From memory, I cannot think of a single boy, who didn't watch the show or didn't wish to be Bodie- and who could blame them!

Lewis, played the part in every Professionals episode- to the full, and even when each episode of the show did finally end, come next day, I'd be outside in a flash to play my own take of the previous night's episode of 'The Professionals'... Happy days indeed.

Thank you Lewis, for being you... For playing such a fabulous part and above all- for creating such a memorable character whose impression helped to form some of my most treasured memories... All the best to you, on the other side and not least- God Bless.

A very tallented Actor loved watched him in The Professionals, The Cookoo Waltz & Who Dares Wins. Gone but not forgotten

What a shame he never played 007--he would have been brilliant!

Lewis was as close to pure gold as a human being can be, a true legend and a great loss.

You didn't have to meet Lewis to get a sense of his strong presence and appealing personality. He had incredible charisma. Thank you Lewis for simply being.

Dear Lew! What an impression you made on us! Talented and beautiful - in every sense of the word, but 'engagingly modest' with it. You're so very missed! I'll always be grateful for the wonderful memories.

To a warm witty friend that can NEVER be replaced.The world is a sad place without you Lew. Thanks for all the fun we had over the many years of friendship. love you.x R.

Lewis Collins, what a talented actor as well as his charm and beauty . You are and always will be my favourite . You are simply a special man xx love always.

To the beautiful memory of Lewis Collins who touched the lives of so many people in such a positive way. Never forgotten.

Thinking of Lewis at this Christmas time, a true icon and a beautiful man, still so sadly missed. Thinking also of Michelle, Oliver, Elliott and Cameron. With every good wish, Susan xxxx

Lewis had the great gift of being able to connect with people, which is why he was and still is so loved. He had great charisma, something very hard to define but very obvious when someone has it and he most certainly had it! Thank you Lewis for being your lovely self.

Lovely Lewis Collins. Incredibly beautiful he was also charmingly self-effacing with a very appealing shy quality. I wish his talents had been more recognised but he certainly made a lasting impression on me. I think he was a very rare and special man. His star still shines on. Much love.

Lewis Collins, exquisitely beautiful, uniquely appealing, he was a true icon with a self-deprecating humour, a sensitive soul. A man whose presence was so strong in life leaves a strong presence behind and his spirit will never die.

Lewis Collins, a man whose sheer physical beauty always took my breath away. Deeply missed.

He gave us so much enjoyment and thanks for that. What a shame it didn't continue. However, his family and the few pictures available of all of them make me happy that he was living the dream. He did have it all. His movies were so good I cannot believe more did not come his way! Thanks for the memories - starting a collection of all his performances. Being a husband and father were his best.

Lovely Lewis, still loved and remembered and always will be. What a genuine legend!

Remembering the incomparable Lewis Collins; his stunning good looks and the beauty which came from the inside of a very special man. He had a cheeky humour and a heart-stopping smile, a true legend. His star continues to shine brightly.

In praise of the one and only legend that was Lewis Collins. He had the kind of amazing good looks that took your breath away but he also had something special within him that came from being beautiful on the inside; he really was a very special man. He always makes me smile whenever I think of him. His star shines brightly.

Still can't believe your gave us SOOO much We all miss you

lewis collins a professional god bless x

I would like to say a big thankyou to Lewis Collins ( aka bodies William,of the professionals) yes I know he has passed , he was a brilliant actor under or not used enough the potential he had was beyond most peaples imagination, yes he could of been 007 and why not he had it all,I remember my childhood rushing home to watch the professionals,so sad he is no longer with us lewis you were one of the elite r.I.p. we all loved you and we miss you badly. God rest your soul and forever you will live,there are some people that can never be replaced and you are that one.

I was and still am a great fan of Lewis Collins. He had such great talent as an actor including wonderful comic timing. He deserved so much more from his career but he seemed to get typecast, he played the role of Bodie to such perfection that people wouldn't let him branch out into other kinds of roles even though he was more than able to do all kinds of things. Thank goodness he has left us with many examples of his talent to go on enjoying. He was such a delightful man and so very beautiful to look at. He left this earth far too soon but he spread a lot of love in his time and that love goes on being returned to him. Bless you Lewis.

Gorgeous Lewis Collins, multi-talented and a lovely man. My ultimate hero. I am so glad to have been in the world at the same time as you. Remembered always.

From the moment I saw lewis in the professionals as a 7 year old boy I wanted to be bodie I was bodie in the schoolyard and peter skellen from "Who Dares Wins".Because of lew I joined the Parachute Parachute regiment so I know what he went through during training.His acting ability and comic timing were fantastic in scenes with Martin Shaw you could tell that he was making up his own dialogue which to me is a rare and intelligent talent im 46 years old now sitting in my living room watching the professionals and glancing down at my black pvd orfina watch yes I'm still a Lew fan and always will.
may you rest in peace lewis

At the approach of another Christmas Lewis is very much in my thoughts and in my heart as are his much loved wife and sons. To me, Lewis was a shining example of a really exceptional human being; kind, loving, caring and generous with the time he gave to others. He was one of those rare people who enhance life, his smile was like the sun coming out on a winter's day, it always cheered me up. Deeply missed beautiful man. Susan xxx

Wonderful Lewis Collins. A fine man and a talented actor who deserved more from his career. He made a great positive impact on so many eople and that is a great legacy. Remembered and missed every day. From a great Lewis fan!

Lewis Collins. He really was a man touched by magic. Extraordinarily physically beautiful, supremely charismatic, he had a vulnerable quality which made him so appealing.He was a man you just knew you would love. He was sensitive and kind with a generous spirit. A lovely human being desperately missed. A great Lewis fan.

There are some people who are so special that they are in a class of their own, that was Lewis. He had such presence, such charisma, such a lovely innocence about him, not to mention his wonderful humour, something that so many liverpudlians seem blessed with. He carved out an interesting and varied life for himself and his crowning glory was his beloved family. He must have been a joy to know. He is still loved and respected by his many fans. His spirit lives on in all our hearts. A devoted fan.

Divine Lewis Collins. What an impression he made on me and so many others, judging by the messages on this page. He was such an extraordinarily exceptional man, so genuinely loved even by those of us not lucky enough to have met him. Life doesn't often produce people like Lewis, he was truly unique. He lives on in all our hearts. Sue xxx

Isn't it strange? Every now and then a character comes along on our tv screen and manages to make such an impression that even, after many years of absence from it, the sheer charisma from them remains palpable still. Their personality, likeability somehow leaves an indestructible impression on us. Lew, I believe, was one such individual. I KNOW, that had I the pleasure of meeting Lew personally, I wouldn't have been disappointed.....I just KNOW I would have LIKED him! Lew was simply one of those rare souls who had the gift. He must have been a very special man to have known? He remains loved, remembered and admired. Many who never met him feel this deeply. This phenomenon does not occur 'naturally'. It's earnt. It takes knowing he had a good heart, it takes knowing he empathised for others less fortunate than himself, that he sacrificed for the benefit of others. That he was a fun guy to be around, and had a compassionate, humble side too. A gift to be so natural, so likeable, so genuine, to move total strangers to feel a connection with you; this takes a life well lived, a deep respect of others, and the perpetual love of family who will always keep Lew alive in their hearts, and the love of friends and fans alike who will never forget him. God bless Lew. You touched our lives. A fan x

The Professionals has just been voted eighth in a list of the ten most popular ITV shows of the past sixty years, I have a feeling that Lewis would be very pleased about that. His terrific portrayal of Bodie played a key part in the success of the show then and its continuing popularity today. Celebrity comes and goes but fame is longer lasting and Lewis will always be famous not only for his acting roles and his talent as a musician but for his generosity of spirit and the many kind things he did for other people, he gave a lot of love in his life and that love is returned to him and ensures that he will always be remembered. Bless you Lewis.

Just wanted to join with the many others who have left their thoughts of Lewis here. Lewis was such a naturally beautiful man with a wonderful cheeky humour and a heartstopping smile. He must have been a wonderful husband and father. He made such an impression on me and watching him was always a delight, he lit up the screen. I have great admiration for all the good and kind things he did for other people, he seems to have been greatly loved by all who met him. He was one of life's exceptional people and he is deeply missed. Warm wishes to his family.

Lewis Collins was an exceptional and gifted man. He possessed an endearing quality and a great sense of humour which made him uniquely appealing, he also had a beautiful and expressive face and he could convey what he was thinking without words, a great talent when acting. Lovely Lewis, always remembered.

I hope Lew's wife won't mind my saying that Lew was my absolute dream man. His beauty on the outside was matched by his beauty on the inside and so multi-talented too. Irreplaceable and unique. I really miss him.

Beautiful Lewis. When he smiled the sun came out. Lovely, lovely man. So deeply missed!

I absolutely loved Lewis Collins; his beautiful face, his humour, his shy quality, he was such a talented, lovely guy. Deeply missed.

Lewis Collins, an inspiration and a legend!

Just wanted to say that I have never known an actor who inspired such lasting love and loyalty. Sadly, I never had the pleasure of meeting Lewis but he was obviously someone very special indeed. He lives on in the hearts of the many people who loved him and who love him still. He was one of life's magical people, truly rare!

I just wanted to join the many more here who have felt so strongly about Lew they wanted to express their love for Lewis and to send this love to his family Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. Lew was such an important part of our TV history and was THE trail-blazer for every other TV cop and all round action man who followed him onto our screens. There was ONLY ONE though,and that was Lew. He lit up our viewing with his easy acting style and his likeable (and loveable) character shining through each performance. He had us gripped throughout WDW, he joined the Paras (V), worked hard for charitable causes. This, and much more, allows those of us who admired him to stand in wonder at what he achieved. It's clear he was hugely thought of by all who ever met him and must have been a really nice guy both on and off screen to be sent so many heartfelt expressions of loss. I never met Lew but wanted to send my admiration and appreciation along with many others. He lives on in the great appearances, both tv and movie, and in his sons and the hearts of those who knew and loved him. RIP Lewis. Many love you still.

Lewis Collins, quite simply the best. A genuine legend!

Wonderful Lewis Collins, absolutely the 'real deal' in every sense. Such a sad loss! Greatly missed.

Lewis will always be very special to me. He was gorgeous to look at and very talented. I feel sad that his talents were so undervalued, I would have loved to have seen him in many more roles but thank goodness for the ones we have! Amongst other things, the name Lewis means strongly independent with a highly creative nature combined with a drive and ambition to have experiences and accomplish things out of the ordinary. That seems very Lewis and he certainly lived up to it. He is deeply missed.

Beautiful Lewis, a man of great and varied talent and a lovely person, altogether unsurpassable. So sadly missed!

It's hard not to wish he had been given more roles as he had all the talent in the world, but I'm very grateful for the entertainment he provided all of us. He had exceptional comedic chops, was an excellent dramatic actor and could tackle any action role. But what struck me the most about Lewis Collins is that he had an innocence about him that translated itself through the screen. As odd as it sounds in reference to someone playing a part, you just knew he was a genuinely kind human being at heart. I guess that's why I find myself leaving this message. He is definitely missed on screen and I'm sure far more off it. All the best to his family and friends.

Lewis Collins for me was the British Steve McQueen. Lewis was a wonderful actor and more important a nice man- and is very much missed.

Gorgeous Lewis. Wherever his beautiful spirit may be, he gave so much love in his life and left so many wonderful memories. He will always be held in the hearts of those who loved him and love him still. Su xx

Beautiful Lewis. He was a true original. He gave a lot of love and he received a lot of love in return. I will always cherish his memory. Much love Susanne xx

Every so often, due to a combination of genes and, perhaps, pure chance, life produces a particularly exceptional person. Lewis was one such person. He made a tremendous impression on me. He had the precious gift of love and the ability to draw people to him. Bless you Lewis. Always remembered. Sue xx

Lewis Collins, a very special man. Some people have an indefinable quality that makes other people love them, that was Lewis. What a legend. Helives on in our hearts.

I knew Lewis back in the 1980's. Loved his mischievous humour. Gone far too soon. Forever remembered. Marion.

Lewis Collins - absolutely drop deep gorgeous, I loved the way he looked, loved the way he smiled, loved the way he moved, oh god he was so gorgeous. Love you forever Lyn xxx

Lewis Collins, a true one and only. What a legend! Thank you for all the memories.

Lewis, the most astonishingly beautiful man. Even though I was never lucky enough to meet him, somehow I still miss him. That shows what an impact he made. He will always have a place in my heart!

Here's to the multi-talented legend that was Lewis Collins, a man with such exquisite good looks that he always took my breath away! I still find it hard to realise that he is no longer here. Love and warmest wishes to his family. Sue xx

My feelings on Lewis
God do i miss him strange as it seems as i never met him but growing up watching the Professionals as a kid seeing Bodie racing around in his silver Capri fighting the bad guys girls loving his charm & good looks made me want o be like him when i grow up but in the real world that's not the case but i think about Lewis a lot as he has left his mark on me for some reason so when my son was born 12 years ago i wanted to name him after Lewis Collins & as we are a Scottish family the name sits well LEWIS named for strength & honesty well & good looks so now i have a son named after an amazing man some think im mad but to be honest i don't care what people think as i love the name Lewis so i would like to think that Bodie would find the idea of a child named after him a real honor due to the huge impact he had on my life growing up & if Lewis Collins family ever read this that would be a great honor for me miss you Bodie RIP never forgotten maybe your up there in Heaven talking to my dad ;-) a nice thought for me, over v out...

Thank you to the divine Lewis Collins for all the joy he brought. He was one of those rare people who make the world a better place. In my heart always. Suzanne xx.

In praise of the beautiful Lewis Collins. To see him in action was poetry in motion. There will never be anyone like him. It's so sad that he was so undervalued as an actor, he should have had a glittering career. Thankfully he has left us lots to watch and enjoy; seeing him always makes me smile. My very best wishes to his much loved family. Susan xxx.

The incomparable Lewis Collins, so very much missed. The poet Philip Larkin wrote that "What will survive of us is love". Lewis has left a legacy of love. Love for his cherished family and friends and the love he inspired in others, even those who never had the good fortune to meet him. That's quite something! I am so looking forward to the publication of his autobiography. I will never forget Lewis, he was an inspirational human being. My love to his family. Su xx.

Gorgeous Lewis Collins. Perfection personified! I will never forget you.

Lewis Collins. One word, Unique. Always in my heart. x

Lewis Collins. Only one word to describe him, A-MA-ZING! Never forgotten.

Fantastic video 'Remembering Lew'. Hard to believe he is no longer with us. At least I have his letters, photos and my happy memories. Always in the sky.

For me, Lewis Collins was quite simply the most amazingly beautiful man I have ever seen. There will always be a place in my heart that belongs to him. Lewis was a true legend. 'There is no death, only a change of worlds'. Always remembered.

Thinking of the amazing Lewis Collins who is so loved and missed. What a lot of joy he gave in his many performances and what a lovely man, beautiful outside and inside. I came across this verse of a poem which seemed appropriate for Lewis who loved to be in the sky and the open. I hope you don't mind my quoting it here:

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glint on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

Lewis will always be with those who loved him, he is everywhere they are. My heart goes out to his family. Love Sue.

Lewis would have made the best James Bond ever,God bless him

Despite having a boxset somewhere (unwatched), I am avidly following repesats on ITV? of 'The Professionals'. Despite some laughing at the era, I actually love the memories of old streets, strikes, old cars and clothes. I'm pleasantly surprised too, as the acting and writing is far better than I remember. The stories are trimmed of all excess detail, often not even going into the backstory of the baddie at all. It could be done poorly, but it's not. The script & editing include just enough detail to make it interesting. Aspects have been criticized over the years, including Lewis' acting, but I'm happily surprised to report that he's remarkably good, turning in great performances which are not at all wooden unlike some more recent dramas, such as 'Spooks' and 'Doctor Who' which have become very Thunderbirds. I will keep an eye out for the films and perhaps any dramas which are available. It's such a shame that he didn't break the typecast, as Martin Shaw and John Thaw managed. He'd have made a good lead in so many things, drama, action or comedy. I could even see him doing Ben Fogle's job or even Ray Mears.

I was sad to hear of his death and wish his friends and family all the very best. I imagine he was a real character, a great dad and much loved. Another great star is gone from our glittering sky.

Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron, you are often in my thoughts and I wonder how you are getting on without your beloved Lew. I think of Lewis every day and have been enjoying watching him in my remastered DVD s of the second series of The Professionals, although it makes me sad as well to know he is no longer here. Lewis was the coolest most beautiful man I have ever seen and so talented . He was also a real life action man and a true gentleman. People like Lewis don't come along very often in life, he was a truly exceptional man and he will always be in my heart. Much love to you Susan xxx

I am 34 now, but when I was a kid I used to pretend I was Peter Skellen. Lewis was so cool, so suave and a real gentleman in real life too, what a legend!!.

My memory was Lewis in Who Dares Wins and the Professional, which thankfully are being repeated and we watch most evenings. Can't beat it. A great actor

There isn't a day goes by when I don't think about Lew and all the joy he brought to so many. I have a lovely pic of him as my screen saver at work and on my desk at home, but he's also in my heart. With love and warmest wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. Be brave. Lois xx

Thinking of the amazing Lewis Collins, so beautiful to look at and so talented. I often wonder how his family are getting on. It's difficult to believe that it will soon be a whole year since the sad loss of this wonderful man. The ancient Egyptians believed that if you speak the name of a person who has died, they continue to live on. Lewis has very many people who will continue to speak his name and he will live on in all of our hearts. Love always to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. Susan xxx

God Bless you Lewis from all the Lads in 2 PARA who knew you in the 70s+80s ,I would like the public to know he did a lot for the lads who fought down south[Falklands] when we returned home. Neil Roberts

I can't believe it is almost nine months since the untimely death of "our" beautiful Lewis Collins, a man who had the gift of being able to connect with people, even those who had never had the joy of meeting him. Lewis's family are very often in my thoughts and I hope that somehow, together, they are finding a way to cope with their heartbreaking loss. I am so glad he had such a wonderful, loving family you must have lovely memories of your life together, I hope in time those memories will help to sustain you. Lewis was a true one-off human being, I miss him. Love and warmest wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. Sue xxx

Hi I was a great fan of mr collins during the 80s I was embarking into the music business and mr collins wrote to me whilst he resided at mopes farm on several occasions he always gave me condstructed advise my mum phoned him to ask if he would kindly send me a birthday card for my sixteenth without hesitation he kindly did do. I will always treasure the letters and card mr collins sent me for the rest of my life.

Lewis has given me so much joy and entertainment over the years. I am too young to remember The Professionals when it first aired in the late 70s/early 80s but I was introduced to the operations of CI5 in the mid 90s. In 1995 I was a first year Uni student who had far too much time on his hands. I first saw the Professionals on Granada Men & Motors one lazy afternoon in my West London Halls, it is fair to say I was hookedimmediately. The chemistry between Lewis, Martin and George was superb. Lewis was my favourite character from the start and as a very active young man studying Sport Science I aspired to be him!
From that day forward I dropped everything to make sure I could get my daily dose of CI5, alerting all my contemporaries to this brilliant series. If I couldn't watch the programme due to a sporting fixture (lectures/tutorials were always sacrificed at the alter of Bodie & Doyle) I would record it to watch the same evening with a few beers. Some days the whole Rugby team would be gathered round my TV to follow the exploits of Lewis and the CI5 boys.
Shortly afterwards I came across the film, Who Dares Wins. Again I absolutely loved it, Lewis was fantastic in it and utterly compelling as the SAS Officer. I have lost count of he amount of times I have watched this film, on VHS originally then DVD. Suffice to say all my friends now also own a copy and whoever I meet generally gets converted to fans of Lewis if they weren't already. As everyone says he would have made a fantastic 007, very much in the style of Daniel Craig's interpretation and much closer to Flemings books.
I was very upset when I heard Lewis had passed away, although I had never actually met him I felt an affinity with him and found it hard to believe such a vibrant, energetic man was gone. I feel for his wife and children for their loss. I have much empathy for them as I lost my Mum when she was only 55 to cancer. Life has never felt the same since for me. I draw comfort from the fact that Mum lived a full life and made a difference to so many people in her working life as a Teacher, latterly a Head Teacher. Well, Lewis also made a great deal of difference to my life and he gave me so much joy through his performances as Bodie, Captain Skellen and others.
Ben, 36, London.

My heartthrob from way back - an excellent actor and, of course, a devastatingly handsome man. Watching him takes me back to when I was young and gorgeous too! But I always thought he seemed such a nice man too - and that's a real rarity, particularly with actors. I have never read anything bad about him - just that everyone he met found him warm, funny, kind and very nice. Much more, as you say Michelle, than we could possibly know. And perhaps that is why he still has so many devoted fans. Handsome and nice - what bigger compliment can you give someone (oh yes, and talented too of course). Perhaps becoming Bond might have changed him - we shall never know, but how we all would have hated to lose 'our' lovely Lewis. And after what, perhaps, wasn't the happiest of early years, how very lovely that he eventually met his 'soul mate'. It must have been a very happy life together - twenty-five years is proof! How you must miss him, Michelle. It can't be easy to lose your lovely man and have to deal with your own grief plus that of your boys. You are all in my prayers regularly and I ask for you to be given comfort and a way forward. And we are all missing him with you - not in the way you, as his wife do of course, but each in our own way. I hope there is some comfort in that. Prayers and warm wishes. MrsS

Thinking of the fabulous Lewis Collins, the ultimate real-life action man who was also sensitive, loving, kind and caring, a man who had he precious gift of inspiring love in all those who had the privilege of knowing him. Following his wonderful portrayal of Bodie in the Professionals he should have had a glittering career but he was never allowed to fully show his many talents and was greatly undervalued as an actor. He did, however, achieve great success in his personal life with a wonderful loving family who were generous enough to share a little of their family life with all of us who leave messages here. Thank you so much you can't imagine how much it meant . Thank you Lewis for being the wonderful man you were and for all the happy memories. You live on in our hearts.
Warmest wishes to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron. Su xxx

Thank you to the superb Lewis Collins for all the happiness he gave us. I always so enjoyed watching him in his many acting roles, when he was on screen it was impossible to look at any one else, he had such a powerful physical presence and such charisma. He also had a great singing voice. Lewis was truly one of life's magical people. He was so beautiful to look at and also beautiful as a person, a very rare quality. I will always miss him.
Sending his family much love. Ellie xx

I had the real joy of meeting Lewis on a couple of occasions and we kept in touch via letter for several years - he was a delight. It was a great shock when I heard of his passing but the good times must override the sadness and we are lucky to have his TV, film clips and memories to keep us smiling. Love to his family, Vanessa xx

Wonderful Lewis Collins, my dream man and my idea of perfect masculine beauty. Absolutely the best. Thank you Lewis for all the joy you gave us, you had the gift of inspiring great love. Never forgotten. Love always Susannah xx

How I miss the beautiful and multi-talented Lewis Collins. The breadth of his talent went largely untapped due, I feel, to the short-sighted attitude of others who never allowed him to show his many and varied abilities. He had a very happy personal life with his loving family and in the end that is what matters.I have never known an actor who inspired such love and continued devotion amongst his many fans and, of course, his personal life was full of love. That's what you call success! Thank you Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron for the generosity of your lovely messages. Lewis was very special man and he will always have a place in my heart. Sending lots of love Susannexxx

Treasured memories of the great and wonderfully talented beautiful Lewis Collins. How I wish those talents had been more recognised. Nevertheless he carved out a varied and fulfilling life for himself, especially having such a happy family life which I am sure he felt was his greatest achievement. I hope Michelle that you have success in finding a sympathetic publisher for Lewis's book , I would so love to read his story. I will never forget Lewis, he brought such joy. Heartfelt love to Michelle, Oliver, Elliott and Cameron. Suexxx

I cannot express how odd the world still feels to me, missing Lew so much. He came into my life via The Professionals and while I adored him as Bodie, he was brilliant in so many roles, always giving his best. He left his mark on my life and I will never forget him, this wonderful man was one in a million. I am so very grateful that we have so many films and tv shows to remember him by, he just lights up the screen when he appears. Can I thank you Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron for the kind and generous way you shared those lovely insights of your family life with us, I treasure your memories. I am sure you will have no idea how much they mean to all of us, for you to do that for us makes me feel very humble. What a wonderful family you all are and it helps me to know that Lew was part of that. Your loss must be immeasurable and my heart goes out to all of you, sending my love. Sandra xx

Remembering the beautiful Lewis Collins. You will live on in the hearts of the family you loved so much and in the hearts of your many devoted fans. We love you still. Love always Susie xx

I first saw Lewis in Who Dares Wins when it was shown on TV in 1999. I liked it and his acting very much. My mum, who was and still is a huge fan of Lew said I needed to see The Professionals. When I finally got the chance to see the show which was being shown on Granada Plus I was instantly hooked. Thanks Lewis for the memories. RIP, Baz.

In remembrance of the mighty Lewis Collins. I will always keep you in my heart. Love to Michelle, Oliver, Elliott and Cameron. Thank you for sharing this wonderful man with us. Warmest wishes Suex

In memory of the great Lewis Collins. A criminally underrated actor but always much loved and never forgotten by his many fans. So glad he found great happiness in his private life with his beloved family. Miss you so much Lewis, the world is a better place for having had you in it.

I remember lewis Collins as the ultimate actor , action man and incredibly wonderful man . I've been a fan for over thirty years and he will always be bodie to me as that's where I first came upon him . he will never ever be forgotten and I would like to thank his family for kindly responding to the messages left on this site , thank you , always with love Alison xx
remember you' ll never walk alone.

In memory of the beautiful Lewis Collins who died far too soon. My heart goes out to Michelle, Oliver, Elliott and Cameron who must be missing him terribly. How wonderful though , Michelle to have found your soul mate and for your love for each other to have produced three wonderful sons . You found something that most people search for all their lives and never find. I know that's no consolation for having lost him too soon but I hope in time to come it will comfort you. Lewis was a very special person. Sending you love and warmest wishes.

It's just over seven months since the untimely death of the wonderful Lewis Collins and I still can't believe he is gone. I didn't know Lewis personally but he certainly touched my life and every time I watch him on screen and see his beautiful smile it lifts my heart and makes me smile too. Thank you Lewis. With love to Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron, you must miss him beyond words. Susan.

I have always followed lewis' s career from being an avid fan watching the professionals and I'm afraid the sadness still remains. Apart from being so handsome he was a wonderful actor , in fact he was simply the best and I'm so glad I can still watch him on TV because lewis you will never be forgotten and always remember " you'll never walk alone" xx I miss you and thank your family for the way they have responded to the messages left on this Alison xx

When I heard the news that Lewis Collins had died I was gutted. Lewis was my favorite in The Professionals. He is one of my favorite actors and he should have been James Bond.

Lewis Collins, How I miss you!

It's hard to accept that you are no longer in the world. At least we used to look up at the same sky and I could think of you living a happy life with your family. A piece of magic disappeared when you went. Always remembered.

Remembering Lewis Collins, a highly talented actor and a man of great physical beauty, charisma, masculinity and humour.all underlayed by a shy quality which made him uniquely appealing. He was a true one-off special human being who touched so many lives. I am thankful that we can continue to watch and enjoy the work that Lewis has left us. Thank you Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron for the messages you sent, it was a very generous gesture at such a painful time and was so very much appreciated. I am still so sad about Lewis's far too early death and I will always treasure the memory of this wonderful man. With much love Suexx

i miss you

Hi im michele baxter
i send my deepest condolence to mrs collins and family has i was a childhood fan from the age of 11 during my teens i wanted to become a singer i asked mr collins about the music business he always gave me good advise through his letters my mother phoned him to ask if he could send me a birthday card for my 16 th which he did bless him i till have the letters and card till this day at 47 years of age which i will always treasure my sorrow goes out to his family has i know what it is like to loose a loved one