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Reviews Summary

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Hedda Gabler
"Lewis Collins was genuinely moving" The Stage, 11th June, 1970

The Duenna
"Lewis Collins applied himself creatively to the part of Don Jerome, giving him a marked individuality" The Stage, 3rd December, 1970

The Tale of the Red Dragon
"Lewis Collins made a nicely sympathetic Red Dragon" The Stage, 13th January, 1972

Tamburlaine the Great
Lewis Collins, who takes over as the middle-aged Tamburlaine, stems all the tatty grandeur of the first act." Unknown Newspaper, February, 1973

The Threepenny Opera
"First rate performances come from Lewis Collins, whose transition from down-and-out to polished gangster is beautifully handled" The Stage, 12th October, 1972

"Lewis Collins plays Van Helsing, the clerical specialist in 'vampirism', and does it exceedingly well" Glasgow Herald, January 1973

The Government Inspector
"As the mayor Lewis Collins is quite remarkably successful in portraying the transition from the Napoleonically strutting figure at the moment of his imagined triumph to the pathetically grunting pig-like creature at the end." BBC Radio Scotland, 27th February, 1973

"The mayor (provost) is played with pompous authority by Lewis Collins, who gives an excellent performance from the first moment of panic to the last cry of madness when he is carried off in a straightjacket" The Theatre, 2nd March, 1973

"Lewis Collins plays the chief rural bigwig with a magnificent mixture of low cunning, fury, and eventually, stark terror" Glasgow Herald 28th February, 1973

"..the forceful, pompous and manipulative provost, a rounded performance by Lewis Collins" Jewish Echo,2nd March, 1973

Troilus and Cressida
"Good things there may be – Lewis Collins' strong and menacing Ulysses..." James Watson, 31st March, 1973

"Some weather this (American accent) better than others; there is an admirable and clearly audible Ulysses, cheroot-smoking and poker-faced, played by Lewis Collins" Glasgow Herald, 1st April, 1973

"Outstanding in the cast: ...Lewis Collins..." Sunday Mail, 1st April, 1973

"Lewis Collins comes out of the whole thing best as Ulysses" Mamie Crichton, Daily Express

The Farm
"Lewis Collins as Albert gives an accurate impression of inarticulate youth, trying to please" The Stage, 15th November, 1973

The Girls
"The Girls was beautifully acted by...Lewis Collins" The Stage, 28th August, 1975

The Real Inspector Hound
"Lewis Collins, as Simon, presents a wickedly accurate send-up of a certain well-known handsome film-star" The Stage, 6th May, 1976

The Cuckoo Waltz
"A convincing performance...Lewis Collins in his interpretation of the young man who likes to give the impression of a dashing extrovert" The Stage, 5th August, 1976

Cinderella (Plymouth)
"Lewis Collins manages to come over as a carefree and handsome prince, far removed from the artificial haughty kind seen in past pantos" The Stage, 13th January, 1983

Cinderella (Hanley)
"Lewis Collins proved he really is one of the professionals by displaying an impressive variety of talents including singing, dancing and ad libbing when everyone else got it wrong." The Stage, 24th January, 1985

"Lewis Collins is a master of his craft" Leslie Anderson, Sunday Times

"Lewis Collins has created the right mixture" John Kirkby, Western Mail

Aladdin (New Brighton)
"The production soon establishes the warm personality of Lewis Collins. Singing and dancing with zest, he is speedily the firm friend of every child" The Stage, 14th January, 1993

Who Killed 'Agatha' Christie?
"John Terry is played menacingly well by Lewis Collins" Recorder, 27th August, 1993

"Lewis Collins is superb and plays the whole thing like a schoolboy opening his Christmas presents – darting around the stage, his eyes sparkling." Aberdeen Evening Express, 25th January,1994

"Lewis Collins is a marvel to watch...Collins manages to seem so relaxed and in control, yet in reality we know he is a nutter worthy of Emile Zola’s blackest imaginings" Aberdeen Press and Journal, 25th January,1994

"Lewis and Mower are a remarkable double-act, so funny, so professional, they more than fill the stage." Christina Bailey, Unknown publication

"Lewis Collins...turned around what would have been a less-than-average play into a wonderful evening of entertainment; stunning performances kept the audience enthralled. This play is definitely worth a view if only for the superb acting skills of Collins." Northampton Chronicle, 17th May, 1994

The Decorator
"Skilfully over-acted (by Lewis Collins), shouting Shakespeare with recognisable Noel Coward style occasionally creeping in" The Stage, 17th November,1994

Dangerous Corner
"Lewis Collins has matured into a fine stage actor with the presence to give the evening some welcome dramatic ballast" Unknown review, from Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

"There is some fine acting – Lewis Collins acquits himself well" Joe Sweeny, Unknown publication, 15th February, 2000

The Bill
"A bravura appearance by Lewis Collins, looking decidedly larger than life but none the less fascinating...dismissing the charges as: 'Inaccurate (eyebrow), fanciful (smirk) and circumstantial.' It was rather glorious. "Daily Mirror, 14th August, 2002