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Confessions of a Driving Instructor

A typical 1970s British sex-romp farce, the third in a series based on the books by Timothy Lea.

Release date: 1976

Synopsis: Two rival driving schools compete for customers then decide to settle their differences with a rugby match.

Cast includes:

Timothy Lea- Robin Askwith
Mary Truscott- Lynda Bellingham
Sidney Noggett- Anthony Booth
Monks Hill Player- LEWIS COLLINS
Mr. Truscott- Windsor Davies
Mrs. Chalmers- Liz Fraser
Miss Slenderparts- Irene Handl
Mrs. Lea- Doris Hare
Chief Examiner- Donald Hewlett
Postman- Geoffrey Hughes
Luigi- John Junkin
Tony Bender- George Layton
Mr. Lea- Bill Maynard
Monks Hill Player- Rocky Taylor

Lewis wears the number 10 shirt in the clip.

Lewis’s comment:
"I did thirty seconds playing a rugby player but I had a beard so you’d never see me. It was the serious part of the film! And no, I didn’t take my clothes off."