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Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen

Company: LAMDA

Synopsis: Hedda's recent and unexpected marriage to worthy but dull academic Tesman is threatened when she returns from honeymoon to find that Lovborg, a charismatic but dissolute previous admirer, has reformed his ways and published a best-selling masterpiece. His new-found success now threatens Tesman's own claim to a professorship - which is his only hope of supporting Hedda in the style she demands. Tesman is already in debt to another of Hedda's admirers, the dangerous Judge Brack. But suddenly events seem to put Hedda in a position to control all their destinies.

Hedda Gabler -Cheryl Campbell
George Tesman-Anthony Naylor
Eilert Lovborg-LEWIS COLLINS
Judge Brack-Raphael Granot
Mrs. Elvsted-Laura Green
Aunt Juliana- Susan Blake
Bertha-Eleanor Hartopp

Performed as a second year student


"Lewis Collins was genuinely moving" The Stage, 11th June, 1970