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The Dance of Death

by August Strindberg

Company: Chesterfield Repertory Company

Venue: Civic Theatre, Chesterfield

Performance dates: 17th to 21st August, 1971

Synopsis: When an old friend comes to visit the captain and his wife, he quickly turns from saviour to prey as they toss insults like grenades, trying to gain him as an ally in their marital battleground. Strindberg's play revels in the black humour and incendiary jibes of two people locked in a deadly embrace, using language as the most vicious weapon of all.

Cast: Unknown, except...


This was Lewis’s first performance as an Equity-card-carrying professional actor.

Lewis’s comment:
"I only had the one line, 'Halt, who goes there?' and I think I got that wrong…yes, I did. I actually said, 'Who goes there? Halt!'…..I was so good! Every five minutes I'd walk past the window and back, as a sentry. All my relatives were sitting there going, 'Oh, he's a lad!'"