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Blues, Whites and Reds

by Roger Planchon

Company: Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company

Venue: Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Performance dates: 10th to 26th October, 1974

Synopsis: Although set during the French Revolution at the time of the Fall of the Bastille and the march on Versailles, the author explained, "The historic events and those who made them are missing from Blues, Whites and Reds, but their ideas, their dreams are present in the 'Popular Prints' - short little tableaux in which these dreams and ideas are paraded in the form of a popular puppet show..."


Lewis as the Count de Thierry in Blues, Whites and Reds

Marquis Aubier D’Arbonne -Jon Rollason
Archbishop D’Arbonne- David Neal
Abbe Jurdin- Geoffrey Beevers
Maurille- Isla Blair
Adelaide- Caroline John
Madame Renoir- Sheila Ballantyne
Hilaire- Ralph Arliss
Cyprien de Nobili- Sylvester Morand
Edward, Count de Thierry -LEWIS COLLINS
Borian- Norman Ettinger
Gabriel Cloutier- Cheryl Campbell
Madame Veuve Clair- Edwina Ford
Chevalier des Rougettes -Terry Molloy
The Colonel- Reginald Jessup
Monsieur Descombes- Keith Mansell
Pierre- Ken Shorter
Rose- Gay Rose