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The Real Inspector Hound

by Tom Stoppard

Company: Maximus

Venue: Maximus Actors’ Arena, Leicester Square, London

Performance dates: ? to 15th May, 1976

Synopsis: The Real Inspector Hound ingeniously re-invents the country house whodunnit in which two theatre critics find themselves more involved than they realise in the murder mystery on stage. Playing mischievously with theatrical convention, Stoppard breaks down the wall between stage and auditorium with a fatal piece of audience participation.


The Real Inspector Hound

Simon Gascoigne-LEWIS COLLINS
-Jill Johnson
-Christopher Scoular
-Shirley Stelfoxe
-Tim Keighley
-Avril Carson
-David Goodland
-Albert Welling

"Lewis Collins, as Simon, presents a wickedly accurate send-up of a certain well-known handsome film-star" The Stage, 6th May, 1976