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by Ira Levin

Company: John Manford International Pty. Ltd and Redford, New York

Venue: His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth, Australia

Performance dates: 30th October, 1986 - ?? December, 1986

Synopsis: Black comedy, mayhem and murder. Clifford Anderson has written a new thriller called Deathtrap, and sends it to Sydney Bruhl for comment. Sydney hasn't had a successful play for years and plans how he might plagiarise this new script. When Clifford turns up at the isolated New England home of the Bruhls events start to take a sinister turn.


As Sydney Bruhl

Myra Bruhl-Shaunna O’Grady
Clifford Anderson-Michael Loney
Helga ten Dorp-Sally Sander
Porter Milgrim-Zale Daniel

Comment: Lewis grew a beard in order to look older for this part.

"Lewis Collins is a master of his craft" Leslie Anderson, Sunday Times

"Lewis Collins has created the right mixture" John Kirkby, Western Mail