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by Anthony Shaffer

Company: Excalibur Productions

Venue: Various

Performance dates: From 17th August, 1992

Synopsis: Sleuth is the story of two ruthless men locked together in a deadly power game. Andrew, cuckolded by Milo, plots an extraordinary revenge on his handsome, younger rival, which is as stylish as it is lethal. Milo, however, is an adversary who should not be underrated.


Andrew-Richard Todd

Comment: This production is a bit of a mystery as no one seems to know how long it actually ran for before being beset by financial problems, or whether it actually got going at all. Lewis said in a T.V. interview that it was due to start in Windsor in July, but it was later reported to be starting in Sheffield in August. It was scheduled to play in Woking in early September but may not have got this far. Can you help?