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Who Killed 'Agatha' Christie?

by Tudor Gates

Company: Ivan Hale in association with The Queen's Theatre, Hornchruch

Venue: Various

Performance dates: From 20th August, 1993 to 1994

Synopsis: John Terry, is a reasonably successful actor and writer of popular plays who is obsessed with the notion that his career has been damaged by Arthur, an elitist, homosexual drama critic. In revenge he concocts an ingenious plot to trap Arthur involving his own wife and Arthur's partner who, it appears, have been having an affair. It soon transpires that John's motive is more than a mere professional grudge and his goal is much more sinister...


Lewis Collins and Patrick Mower on stage
© Roy Squire

Arthur Christie-Patrick Mower

with the voices of:

Joanne-Sarah Prince
Brian-Tim Stone

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"John Terry is played menacingly well by Lewis Collins" Recorder, 27th August, 1993

"Lewis Collins is superb and plays the whole thing like a schoolboy opening his Christmas presents – darting around the stage, his eyes sparkling." Aberdeen Evening Express, 25th January,1994

"Lewis Collins is a marvel to watch...Collins manages to seem so relaxed and in control, yet in reality we know he is a nutter worthy of Emile Zola’s blackest imaginings" Aberdeen Press and Journal, 25th January,1994

"Lewis and Mower are a remarkable double-act, so funny, so professional, they more than fill the stage." Christina Bailey, Unknown publication

"Lewis Collins...turned around what would have been a less-than-average play into a wonderful evening of entertainment; stunning performances kept the audience enthralled. This play is definitely worth a view if only for the superb acting skills of Collins." Northampton Chronicle, 17th May, 1994