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The Decorator

by Donald Churchill

Company: The Churchill Theatre in association with Ivan Hale

Venue: Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Performance dates: 18th to 29th October, 1994

Synopsis: Marcia is having an affair. Jane, with whose husband she is having the affair, arrives to take her revenge by informing Marcia's husband of his wife's infidelity. Marcia has a brilliant idea - her housepainter is a resting ham actor. Marcia hires him to impersonate her husband at the big confrontation later that day, when the wronged wife plans to return and spill the beans. From then on hilarity piles on hilarity.


from The Decorator

Marcia-Lorraine Chase
Jane-Naomi Lewis

"Skilfully over-acted (by Lewis Collins), shouting Shakespeare with recognisable Noel Coward style occasionally creeping in" The Stage, 17th November,1994