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A British police drama, set in the fictional town of Newtown, near Liverpool. It ran from 1962 to 1978, and was mainly broadcast as weekly 50-minute episodes.

Episode title: Waste

Transmission date: 25th February, 1974

Lewis’s character: Derek Cunningham

Synopsis: A police hunt for an escaped convict leads to the discovery that Derek’s parents have kept him locked in the attic for two years, in the belief that he had committed a murder.


D.C. Skinner- Ian Cullen
P.C. Quilley- Douglas Fielding
Matthew Cunningham- Peter Schofield
June Cunningham- Marjory Yates
Derek Cunningham- LEWIS COLLINS
Parsons- Bob Peck

Lewis’s comment:
"(I played) a retarded Liverpool lad, locked away in an attic. Very intense. Very introverted"