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Crown Court

Legal drama where the judiciary and witnesses were actors but the jury was made up of real members of the public, who then gave their verdict just as if it were a real court. Each 'case' was broadcast as three half-hour episodes on consecutive afternoons.

Episode title: Arson

Transmission dates: 4th to 6th May, 1974

Lewis’s character: P.C. Henry Williams

An elderly lady is accused of arson. P.C. Williams was the arresting officer, and gave evidence for the prosecution.


as P.C. Heny Williams
© Granada Television

Mr. Justice Campbell- William Mervyn
Rupert Collyer- Barry Andrews
Martin O'Connor- William Simons
Millicent Conway - Madoline Thomas
Norma Bates- Sheila Felvin
P.C. Henry Williams- LEWIS COLLINS
George Hadfield- Alan Foss
Albert Morton- George Tovey
Clerk of Court- Derek Hockridge
Jury Foreman- Patricia Linden
Court Usher- Joseph Berry
Court Reporter- Peter Wheeler

Lewis is credited as appearing in all three episodes, but only speaks in the first. He is seen but not heard in the second and not present at all in the third.