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Village Hall

A series of one-off plays, each based on events taking place in a village hall.

Episode title: Friendly Encounter, by Willis Hall

Transmission date: 6th August, 1974

Lewis’s character: Jimmy "Jacko" Jackson

Synopsis: A friendly football match has been organised, but the groundsman has gone away, taking the key for the locked changing rooms. Ernest, the team manager, has to make alternative arrangements quickly, and thinks he's thought of everything...


Village Hall
Ernest Groves-George Cole
Horace Haywood-Norman Jones
Chick Peters-Alec Sabin
Stevie Gordon-John Price
Alex Webb-John Nightingale
Royston Hargreaves-Tom Georgeson
Jack Hill-Richard Moore
Maurice Colbeck-Martin Read
Henry Williams-Alan Erasmus
Tom Wilson-Rod Culbertson
Referee-Tom Watson
Linesman-Colin Jones