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The New Avengers

A revival of cult 60s T.V. show The Avengers, this quirky action/adventure series from Brian Clemens O.B.E. featured an anonymous but official department which investigates unusual events.

Episode title: Obsession

Transmission date: 7th October, 1977

Lewis’s character: Kilner

Synopsis: Purdey's ex-fiancé reappears after seven years, looking to avenge his father's death in a drastic way.


In 'The New Avengers'

John Steed- Patrick MacNee
Mike Gambit- Gareth Hunt
Purdey- Joanna Lumley
Larry- Martin Shaw
General Canvey- Martin Kingston
Commander East- Terence Longdon
Morgan- Anthony Heaton
Wolach- Tommy Boyle
Controller- Roy Purcell

Lewis's character appears to make a prophetic comment to Martin Shaw's character when Kilner says to Larry, "Maybe we should work together again sometime - a good team". But plans for Brian's next series were already well under weigh when this was filmed.

Lewis’s comment:
"I actually did a three-minute test for the part of Gambit in The New Avengers, with Gabrielle Drake as the female lead. I don't think I missed the part by much - probably got a bronze medal."