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The Professionals

A cult action/drama series about the fictional government department of CI5, which tackles terrorism on a domestic level. The show ran for five series and attracted a massive fanbase. It is considered a cult classic and continues to attract new fans today.

Transmission date: from 30th December, 1977

Lewis’s character: Bodie

Main Cast:

The Professionals, main cast

Cowley-Gordon Jackson
Doyle-Martin Shaw

Notable Characters/Guest Actors:

Murphy-Steve Alder
Shotgun Tommy-John Castle
Benny-Trevor Adams
Betty-Bridget Brice
Ruth -Diane Weston
Ramos-Roger Lloyd Pack
Marge Harper-Liz Fraser
Kodai-Michael Gothard
Krivas-David Suchet
Neil Turvey-Richard Greene
Doctor-Art Malik
Mickey Hamilton-Ian McDiarmid
G.G. Lesley-Zoot Money
Van Niekerk-Stuart Wilson
Café customer-Michael Praed
Radio man-Pierce Brosnan
Ojuka-Clarke Peters
Ann Holly-Patricia Hodge
Krasnov-Steven Berkoff
Joe-Nickolas Grace

All three lead actors were second choice for their respective Rôles: Gordon Jackson replaced Clive Revill; Martin Shaw replaced Jon Finch; and Anthony Andrews filmed in the r>