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T.V. Times Commercial

The T.V. Times is a British magazine issued on Saturdays, and listing television programmes and schedules for the week ahead. In 1979 there were only three T.V. channels in Britain. The T.V. Times listed programmes shown on the I.T.V. network only, while the B.B.C. had its own magazine for programmes shown on its two channels. Nowadays, both magazines list programmes for all channels.

Transmission date: 1979

Synopsis: The magazine also carried articles and news about the programmes, and interviews with the stars. The format of their advertising campaign was: A voiceover would announce the highlights of the forthcoming issue, while close-up shots of the pages would appear briefly on the screen. At the end of the ad., a celebrity would be shown readding the magazine and saying, "I never knew there was so much in it!"



Our copy of this video clip is so badly deteriorated that it is barely worth showing, especially as it breaks down completely before Lewis appears. If anyone has a decent quality copy of this they'd like to share with us all then we would be extremely grateful!