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Pebble Mill At One

Pebble Mill was a B.B.C. television studio in Birmingham which produced, among other things, this lunchtime news and magazine programme.

Transmission date: 19th December, 1980

Synopsis: Lewis and John Conteh drop in en route from London to Liverpool.


Pebble Mill At One appearance

John Conteh

This was the third T.V. studio that Lewis and John stopped at on their London-to-Liverpool walk.

Friendship Circle Newsletter comment:
The Friday morning and early afternoon was spent doing T.V. in Birmingham. The five of them came jogging in out of the snow and sleet in the camouflage smocks and big boots, Bergen backpacks swinging about, and gave very entertaining interviews. Lew handed his Bergen to the lady conducting the talks and said, "Feel the weight of that!". She could hardly pick it up! "No thanks", she said. John was funny when he described the safety lights they wore after dusk: "Decked out like Christmas trees!" he said.