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Robin of Sherwood

1980s dramatisation based on the character of Robin Hood. Lasting for three series, this adaptation is generally acknowledged to be the best.

Episode title: The Sheriff of Nottingham (Series 3, episode 5)

Transmission date: 3rd May, 1986

Lewis’s character: Philip Mark

Synopsis: The Sheriff of Nottingham is dismissed and replaced with Philip Mark, the butcher of Lincoln.


Lewis in Robin of Sherwood
Sheriff of Nottingham -Nickolas Grace
Sir Guy of Gisburne-Robert Addie
Little John-Clive Mantle
Marion-Judi Trott
Friar Tuck-Phil Rose
Much-Peter Llewellyn-Williams
Will Scarlet-Ray Winstone
Nasir-Mark Ryan
Edward of Wickham-Jeremy Bulloch
Robin-Jason Connery
Hubert de Giscard-Robert Dawes
Sarak-Valentine Pelka
Old Prisoner-Stuart Linden


"We've had a lot of fun casting against type. Lewis plays a Truman Capote of mediæval England - he's gentle and bland, but with sinister undertones" Esta Charkham, Casting Director, May 1986