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Blue Blood

A detective series by Brian Clemens, featuring a penniless German count who turns to investigation work to make ends meet.

Episode title: Bounty (pilot episode)

Transmission date: 1988

Lewis’s character: Hugh Sinclair

Synopsis: Insurance broker Sinclair engages Count von Altenberg to track down Max Zinder, as there is evidence to suggest his death was faked, thus defrauding the insurance company.


Blue Blood picture
Count Henry von Altenberg-Albert Fortell
Lisa Prentice-Ursula Karven
Pat Canning-Barbara Wussow
Countess von Altenberg-Capucine
Kurt Schmidtchen
Helen Vita
Horst Kummeth
Udo Weinberger
Hermann Schneider
Reinhold Hartl

The proposed series was originally set in Britain, but a German T.V. company offered financial backing so the location was changed accordingly. The pilot led to a series which was transmitted in 1990. It was entitled Scandalous in the U.S.A.