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 T.V. series based on the popular board game, which ran for four series in the U.K. The six principal characters were re-cast for each series.

Transmission dates: 4th May to 8th June, 1992

Lewis’s character: Colonel Mike Mustard

Synopses: Mrs. Peacock owns and lives in Arlington Grange along with her stepdaughter Miss Scarlett, close friends Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum, Mrs. White the cook, and a regular visitor in the form of the Reverend Green. Each week a stranger enters their midst, and never leaves alive...

Screenshot from Cluedo Series 3

Mrs. Peacock-Susan George
Rev. Green-Christopher Biggins
Professor Plum-Tom Baker
Miss Scarlett-Lysette Anthony
Mrs. White-Pam Ferris
Host-Richard Madeley
Special Guests:
Gordon FerrarNeil Morrissey
Miss TerryRuth Madoc
Max GoldMike Sarne
Sister ConceptaJean Boht
David StringerDudley Sutton
Clive MoxtonSimon Shepherd