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A Canadian production of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale. This popular incarnation was filmed on location in Mexico, and ran for three series.

Episodes: Lewis appeared in two episodes of the third series

Transmission dates: 1993 - 1994

Lewis’s character: Michael Hauser


Tarzan and the Curse of Death:
Left in a state of shock by Tarzan's sudden death, his friends agree to the hero's funeral suggested by Hauser, a visiting journalist. Unknown to them, however, Hauser is a man bent on revenge.

Tarzan and the Pirate's Revenge

Whilst investigating a strange black box that has been dumped in the sea, Tarzan comes face to face again with his old enemy, Hauser.

(for both episodes)

screenshot from Tarzan

Tarzan-Wolf Larson
Jane Porter-Lydie Denier
Roger Taft, Jr.-Sean Roberge
Dan Miller-William S. Taylor
Michael Hauser-LEWIS COLLINS

The Tarzán series were directed by former The Professionals director Sidney Hayers.