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Unidentified Interviews

Two short sentences from unknown T.V. interviews.

Transmission date(s): Probably around 1983 and 1994 respectively

In both of these distant memories, Lewis appears via a monitor rather than in the studio. In the first, Lewis is talking about Martin Shaw in an affectionate tone, and says, "the crafty so-and-so didn't even tell me he was getting married".

The second is about the problems over repeats of The Professionals, and says to the interviewer, "Martin has to remember that not everyone is doing as well as he is, and some of us could do with the money."

These two "excerpts" have remained in my head, pretty much word-for-word, for many years. Unfortunately almost everything else about them has disappeared. Hopefully they might ring a bell with someone out there - any assistance in identifying the interviews would be hugely welcome.