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The Night of 1000 Lives

A special programme to celebrate one thousand editions of This Is Your Life. The audience was by invitation only, and was made up of previous subjects of the show.

Transmission date: 15th January, 2000


Lewis on Night of 1000 Lives
Image courtesy of Mo Rankin
Michael Aspel
John Conteh
Keith Barron
Chas 'n' Dave
David Croft
William Franklyn
Susan George
Vince Hill
Noddy Holder
Lionel Jeffries
Rula Lenska
Patrick Mower
Sue Nicholls
Nicholas Parsons
Robert Powell
Alvin Stardust
Jimmy Savile
Rudolph Walker
Richard Whiteley
Norman Wisdom
and others

This was recorded on 21st November, 1999. By the time it was transmitted, 1029 editions of the programme had been broadcast. Special thanks to Mo Rankin who identified this show and sent the details and image on to us.