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The Bill

A British police drama, based on the fictitious Sun Hill station in London. The programme ran for 26 series over 26 years.

Episode title: Episode 034 (Series 18, episode 45)

Transmission date: 13th August, 2002

Lewis’s character: Dr. Peter Allen

Synopsis: The Sun Hill officers are called in by Dr. Allen to protect him from pro-life demonstrators outside his stem-cell research laboratories. The police don't take the threat seriously until his car explodes with his wife inside.  


Screenshot from The Bill

D.S. Debbie McAllister-Natalie Roles
D.C. Eva Sharpe-Diane Parish
Sgt. Tom Chandler-Steven Hartley
Sgt. Craig Gilmore-Hywel Simons
P.C. Luke Ashton-Scott Neal
P.C. Kerry Young-Beth Cordingly
D.C. Danny Glaze-Karl Collins
T.D.C. Brandon Kane-Pal Aron
D.C. Ken Drummond-Russell Floyd
P.C. Des Taviner-Paul Usher
P.C. Reg Hollis-Jeff Stewart
D.I. Alex Cullen-Ged Simmons
Insp. Gina Gold-Roberta Taylor
Joely Fleming-Lucy Robinson
Ben Fletcher-David Walliams
Dean Brent-Alan Gilchrist
Tina Pope-Nicola Stapleton
Allen's solicitor-Clive Carter
Lisa Allen-Sy Hollands

Sy Hollands, who was blown up in her r>
Lewis’s comment:
“The part of Dr. Allen is really good. That's the kind of r>
"A bravura appearance by Lewis Collins, looking decidedly larger than life but none the less fascinating... dismissing the charges as: 'Inaccurate (eyebrow), fanciful (smirk) and circumstantial.' It was rather glorious. " Daily Mirror, 14th August, 2002